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Family     (always)
Scientific name     (always)
Previously classified as     
Common name    
Distribution Map    Table  
Canadian region    
Mexican region    
USA region    
Central American country    
Canadian province    
Mexican state    
USA state    
Emergence start date     
Emergence end date     
Emergence time of day    
Spinner fall time of day    
Nymph minimum (mature) length    
Nymph maximum (mature) length     
Nymph Id    
Nymph body    
Nymph legs    
Nymph gills    
Nymph tusks    
Nymph tails    
Dun minimum body length     
Dun maximum body length     
Dun identification keys    
Dun body    
Dun wings    
Dun legs    
Dun tails    
Spinner identification keys    
Spinner minimum body length     
Spinner maximum body length     
Spinner body    
Spinner wings    
Spinner legs    
Spinner tails    
Observed in winged form on date      
Est. body length in winged form     (not incl. tails)
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