Flyfishing Entomology


Life Stage Characteristics
Dragonfly (Odonata - Anisoptera)

Larva (Nymph)
   -   Body is stout with head usually narrower than thorax or abdomen
   -   Larval period: 3 mo-4 yr
   -   Instars: 8-15
   -   Large compound eyes meeting on top of head
   -   Color: brightly colored body usually of blue and green
   -   Wings clear and held horizontally to the side when at rest
There are (7) families of dragonflies, all aquatic.

The silhouette of a dragonfly nymph is distinctive due to their lack of tails and bulging abdomen, which is wider than the rest of the body. They are carnivorous, and their rapid movement is assisted by forceful expulsion of water from their rectal chamber.

Adults are large, brightly colored, and have large compound eyes meeting on top of the head. They hold their clear wings outstretched to the side when at rest.

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