Flyfishing Entomology


Life Stage Characteristics
Damselfly (Odonata - Zygoptera)

Larva (Nymph)
   -   Slender body ending with 3 tail-like gills
   -   Color: shades of green or brown
   -   Size at maturity: 13-50 mm
   -   Growth instars: 8-15
   -   Wings clear
   -   Abdomen slender
   -   Color: shades of blue or green
There are (4) families of damselflies, all aquatic.

Damselfly nymphs have slim bodies ending with 3 tail-like gills, and a head wider than the rest of the body. They crawl up vegetation (or even your anchor rope) to emerge.

Damselfly adults have a long slender abdomen, and large widely separated eyes.

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