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Wing Venation - Mayfly Generalized

Insect wings have six major veins running from the base of the wing to its outer margin.  Their primary function is to provide the wing with structural support.
C  - 1st longitudinal vein, costa (+)
Sc - 2nd longitudinal vein, subcosta (-)
R  - 3rd longitudinal vein, radius (+)
    Rs - its major branch, radial sector (-)
M  - 4th longitudinal vein, media (+)
   MA - anterior branch of media (+)
    MP - posterior branch of media (-)
Cu - 5th longitudinal vein, cubitus (+)
A  -  6th longitudinal vein, anal (+)
Minor branches of these veins are subscripted, i.e. R1, R2, etc.
As viewed dorsally,  longitudinal wing veins are either convex (+) or concave (-).  

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