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WA Mayfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
Larva (Nymph)Subimago (Dun)
Imago (Spinner)
(Primitive Minnow Mayfly)
Streamlined; labrum w/o mid-notch; postero-lateral spines on segments 8 and 9; short antennae; mouthparts w/o comb of spines; platelike gills dorsally oriented on ab segs 1-7, and w/o dark band on outside edge; 3 tails. 2 tails and large hind wings; wing vein CuA of FWs attached to hind margin by series of veinlets; 2 tails, rarely 3.

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
Larva (Nymph)Subimago (Dun)
Imago (Spinner)
(Adams; Black Drake; Westen Gray Drake; Gray Drake. )
larva (nymph)

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imago (spinner) - male

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imago (spinner) - female

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SiphlonurusBody streamlined; large gills with abundance of tracheation, triangular double gills on abdominal segments 1 & 2; prominent posterolateral projections on abdominal segments; 3 tails, banded at middle. Round costal angulation of hind wing; male has pale band across eyes.
Siphlonurus autumnalis  
Siphlonurus columbianus  
Siphlonurus occidentalis  
Siphlonurus spectabilis  

State of Washington distribution is based on:
Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of the far western United States (Part I: Washington) by M. D. Meyer & W. P. McCafferty,
and augmented by A DNA Barcode Library for North American Ephemeroptera: etc. by Webb, Jacobus, Funk, et. al.  

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