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WA Caddisfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
(Freeliving, no case)
Retreat: none; body thick with deep constrictions between segments; large posterior claws. 

(Green Rock Worm, Green Sedge)

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WA species:
Rhyacophila angelita
Rhyacophila arnaudi
Rhyacophila basalis
Rhyacophila bifila
Rhyacophila blarina
Rhyacophila brunnea
Rhyacophila chilsia
Rhyacophila coloradensis
Rhyacophila coloradensis coloradensis
Rhyacophila ecosa
Rhyacophila fenderi
Rhyacophila gemona
Rhyacophila grandis
Rhyacophila inculta
Rhyacophila iranda
Rhyacophila jenniferae
Rhyacophila kincaidi
Rhyacophila latitergum
Rhyacophila narvae
Rhyacophila norcuta
Rhyacophila oreta
Rhyacophila pacifica
Rhyacophila pellisa
Rhyacophila perda
Rhyacophila perplana
Rhyacophila pichaca
Rhyacophila tralala
Rhyacophila tucula
Rhyacophila vaccua
Rhyacophila vaefes
Rhyacophila vagrita
Rhyacophila valuma
Rhyacophila vao
Rhyacophila vedra
Rhyacophila vemna
Rhyacophila verrula
Rhyacophila vetina
Rhyacophila viquaea
Rhyacophila visor
Rhyacophila vobara
Rhyacophila vocala
Rhyacophila vofixa
Rhyacophila willametta
(43) WA species
Habitat: wide range of running-water habitats. Retreat: none, freeliving.Body length: 16 mm.
Body: olive green
Wings: mottled with light and dark areas of gray and brown.

State/province distribution based on NatureServe Explorer.

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