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WA Caddisfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
(Northern case maker)
Retreat: portable case made of excavared twig or plant material; prosternal horn present; 1st ab seg w/dirsal & lateral humps; sm. antenna ant of eye. Lays egg masses above water level on plants and stones, where they are later washed into the water by rain.

(Summer Flier Sedge)

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WA species:
Limnephilus abbreviatus
Limnephilus acula
Limnephilus alconura
Limnephilus aretto
Limnephilus assimilis
Limnephilus bifidus
Limnephilus concolor
Limnephilus dispar
Limnephilus ectus
Limnephilus externus
Limnephilus fagus
Limnephilus femoralis
Limnephilus flavastellus
Limnephilus frijole
Limnephilus fumosus
Limnephilus harrimani
Limnephilus kalama
Limnephilus lopho
Limnephilus moestus
Limnephilus morrisoni
Limnephilus nogus
Limnephilus occidentalis
Limnephilus sericeus
Limnephilus sitchensis
Limnephilus spinatus
Limnephilus submonilifer
(26) WA species
Light patches on top of head; branched gills of 2, 3, or 4 filaments; femurs of hind legs with only two major hairs on underside; no chloride epithelia on top of any abdominal segments; case of sand, pebbls, wood or leaves, arranged lengthwise or stacked.Body length: Up to 20 mm, but average 13-15 mm.
Body: ginger to brown
Wings: ginger to rich reddish brown; not sexally mature upon emergence.

State/province distribution based on NatureServe Explorer.

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