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WA Caddisfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
(Longhorned case maker)
Retreat: portable case made of rock or plant material, of various shapes. Antennae much longer than body.

(Long-horn Sedge)

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WA species:
Oecetis avara
Oecetis cinerascens
Oecetis immobilis
Oecetis inconspicua
(4) WA species
Long maxillary palpi, elongate sickle-like mandibles, dorsal abdominal segment 1 with a pair of dark patches; hind legs longer and thinner compared to the others; case curved cones made of rock fragments and sand, or pieces of plant or twigs.Body length: 12 mm.
Body: yellow to brown.
Wings: straw yellow to brown.

State/province distribution based on NatureServe Explorer.

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