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WA Caddisfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
(Lepidostomatid Case Maker)
Larva with lateral humps (but no dorsal hump) on 1st abdominal segment.Adult often with unusually wide wings for a caddisfly.

(Little Plain Brown Sedge)

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WA species:
Lepidostoma cascadense
Lepidostoma cinereum
Lepidostoma hoodi
Lepidostoma jewetti
Lepidostoma quercinum
Lepidostoma rayneri
Lepidostoma recinum
Lepidostoma roafi
Lepidostoma unicolor
Lepidostoma verodum
(10) WA species
Larva builds 4-sided square-panel case.Adult body and wings are brown.

State/province distribution based on NatureServe Explorer.

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