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WA Caddisfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
(Common Net Spinner)
Retreat: variable with silken catchnet; abdomen with rows of highly branched gills.  

(Spotted Sedge)

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WA species:
Hydropsyche amblis
Hydropsyche californica
Hydropsyche centra
Hydropsyche cockerelli
Hydropsyche confusa
Hydropsyche morosa
Hydropsyche occidentalis
Hydropsyche oslari
(8) WA species
Two (fairly) large rectangular plates on the underside of the first thoracic segment; foretrochanter is forked into two points; no clusters of numerous dark hairs on the sides of the abdomen; some species with color patterns on their heads.Body length: 14 mm.
Body: brownish yellow.
Wings: brown with mottled light/dark pattern.

State/province distribution based on NatureServe Explorer.

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