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WA Caddisfly Description

Taxonomic Name
(Common Name)
(Humpless Case Maker)
Retreat: portable case of plant matieial, four-sided or cylindrical, tapering and/or curved.
Abdomen: has neither a dorsal nor lateral humps on 1st abdominal segment.

(Little Western Weedy-water Sedge)

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WA species:
Amiocentrus aspilus
(1) WA species
Body: tan to light brown hard parts.
Legs: relatively shorts.
Mesonotum: lone pair of long hairs in the middle of front edge.
Case: straight and round with a circular (no pointed lobes) opening at hind end.
Body length: 7.5 mm.
Body: dark brown.
Wings: greenish brown.

State/province distribution based on NatureServe Explorer.

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