Flyfishing Entomology


Updated Taxonomy for Aquatic Insects of California by Usinger

In Book AsCorrected Spelling Latest TaxonomyNote Order (Family Common Name)
Abedus brachonyx     not on page shown in index Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus dilatatus     listed in 1977 Menke paper Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus hungerfordi     listed in 1977 Menke paper Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus immaculatus       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus indentatus       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus macronyx     invalid combo Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus mayri     listed in 1977 Menke paper Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Abedus signoreti     listed in 1977 Menke paper Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Achorutes armatus   Ceratophysella armata   Collembola (Springtail)
Achorutes viaticus   Hypogastrura viatica   Collembola (Springtail)
Acilius semisulcatus abbreviatus Acilius semisulcatus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Acilius semisulcatus simplex Acilius semisulcatus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Acneus oregonensis       Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Acneus oregonensis       Coleoptera (False Water Penny Beetle)
Acneus quadrimaculatus       Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Acneus quadrimaculatus       Coleoptera (False Water Penny Beetle)
Acroneuria californica   Calineuria californica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria delta   Hesperoperla pacifica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria georgiana   Beloneuria georgiana   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria georgiana   Beloneuria stewarti   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria obscura Hesperoperla obscura Hesperoperla pacifica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria pacifica   Hesperoperla pacifica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria pumila   Hesperoperla pacifica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria ruralis   Attaneuria ruralis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria theodora   Doroneuria baumanni   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria theodora   Doroneuria theodora   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Acroneuria xanthenes   Eccoptura xanthenes   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Ademon niger       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Adoxomyia appressa appressa Adoxomyia appressa     Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Adoxomyia argentata       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Adoxomyia claripennis       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Adoxomyia lata       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Adoxomyia rustica       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Aedes bicristatus Aedes bieristatus     Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes cataphylla       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes cinereus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes communis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes dorsalis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes fitchii       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes flavescens       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes hexodontus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes increpitus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes nigromaculis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes pullatus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes squamiger       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes sticticus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes taeniorhynchus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes varipalpis Aedes varipalpus     Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes ventrovittis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aedes vexans       Diptera (Mosquito)
Aeshna arida     syn. of A. palmata in book Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna californica   Rhionaeschna californica   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna canadensis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna clepsydra       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna constricta       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna dugesii Aeshna dugesi Rhionaeschna dugesi   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna interrupta       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna interrupta interna       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna interrupta nevadensis     listed in World List of Odonata Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna manni   Rhionaeschna manni   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna multicolor   Rhionaeschna multicolor   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna palmata       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna subarctica       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna umbrosa       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna umbrosa occidentalis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna umbrosa umbrosa       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna verticalis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Aeshna walkeri       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Agabinus bifarius       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabinus glabrellus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabinus sculpturellus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus ancillus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus approximatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus austini       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus bjorkmanae       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus brevicollis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus confertus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus discors       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus disintegratus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus griseipennis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus hoppingi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus ilybiiformis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus lineellus     listed in Nearctica Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus lugens       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus lutosus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus morosus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus oblitautus Agabus obliteratus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus obsoletus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus pandurus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus regularis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus seriatus intersectus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus smithi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus strigulosus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus tristis Agabus tristus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus vandykei       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agabus walsinghami     listed in Harvard MCZ Type DB Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Agapetus arcita       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agapetus celatus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agapetus malleatus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agapetus marlo       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agapetus orosus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agapetus taho       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agathon canadensis Bibiocephala canadensis Agathon comstocki   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Agathon doanei       Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Agraylea multipunctata       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agraylea saltesea       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agrion aequabile californicum Agrion aequabile Calopteryx aequabilis   Odonata (Damselfly)
Agrion maculatum   Calopteryx maculata   Odonata (Damselfly)
Agrypnia glacialis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Agrypnia vestita       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Allocapnia vivipara       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla borealis   Sweltsa borealis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla chandleri       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla coloradensis   Sweltsa coloradensis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla continua   Sweltsa continua   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla delicata       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla diversa   Plumiperla diversa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla dubia   Suwallia dubia   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla dubia   Suwallia pallidula   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla elevata   Alloperla severa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla exquisita   Sweltsa exquisita   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla fidelis   Sweltsa fidelis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla forcipata   Suwallia forcipata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla fraterna       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla pacifica   Sweltsa pacifica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla pallidula   Suwallia pallidula   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla pintada   Triznaka pintada   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla severa       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla spatulata Alloperla spathulata Sweltsa pacifica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla tamalpa   Sweltsa tamalpa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla thalia   Alloperla severa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Alloperla townesi   Sweltsa townesi   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Allotrichoma lateralis Allotrichoma laterale     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Allotrichoma livens     Guam species per book Diptera (Shore Fly)
Allotrichoma simplex       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Allotrichoma trispina Allotrichoma trispinum     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Allotrichoma yosemite       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Alluaudomyia bella       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Alluaudomyia needhami       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Alluaudomyia stictipennis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Ambrysus amargosus       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus bohartorum Ambrysus californicus     Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus californicus       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus funebris       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus mormon       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus occidentalis       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus puncticollis       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ambrysus signoreti       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Ameletus amador       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ameletus dissitus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ameletus facilis   Ameletus vancouverensis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ameletus imbellis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ameletus shepherdi       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ameletus validus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ameletus velox       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ametor latus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Ametor scabrosus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Amphiagrion abbreviatum       Odonata (Damselfly)
Amphiagrion saucium       Odonata (Damselfly)
Amphizoa carinata   Amphizoa lecontei   Coleoptera (Trout-Stream Beetle)
Amphizoa davidi       Coleoptera (Trout-Stream Beetle)
Amphizoa insolens       Coleoptera (Trout-Stream Beetle)
Amphizoa lecontei       Coleoptera (Trout-Stream Beetle)
Amphizoa striata       Coleoptera (Trout-Stream Beetle)
Ampumixis dispar       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Anacaena limbata       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Anacaena signaticollis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Anagapetus chandleri       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Anagrus brocheri     European species Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Anagrus subfuscus     European species Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Anatopynia algens   Macropelopia algens   Diptera (Midge)
Anatopynia guttularis   Psectrotanypus dyari   Diptera (Midge)
Anatopynia marginellus   Brundiniella florens   Diptera (Midge)
Anatopynia venusta   Macropelopia venusta   Diptera (Midge)
Anax junius       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Anax walsinghami       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Anchodemus angustus   Lixellus lutulentus   Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Anchycteis velutina       Coleoptera (Toed-Winged Beetle)
Anchytarsus bicolor       Coleoptera (Toed-Winged Beetle)
Ancyronyx variegatus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Anopheles freeborni       Diptera (Mosquito)
Anopheles occidentalis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis franciscanus Anopheles franciscanus     Diptera (Mosquito)
Anopheles punctipennis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Anoplius depressipes       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Anoplius illinoiensis Anoplius illinoensis     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Antichaeta robiginosa       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Antocha monticola       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Anurida granaria       Collembola (Springtail)
Anurida maritima       Collembola (Springtail)
Anurida tullbergi       Collembola (Springtail)
Apatania sorex       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Apatolestes albipilosus       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes ater       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes colei       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes comastes comastes Apatolestes comastes     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes comastes willistoni Apatolestes willistoni     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes hinei       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes parkeri       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes rossi       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Apatolestes similis   Apatolestes villosulus   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Aphrosylus californicus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Aphrosylus direptor       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Aphrosylus grassator       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Aphrosylus nigripennis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Aphrosylus praedator       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Aphrosylus wirthi       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Apobaetis indeprensus   Apobaetis etowah   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Apsilops sericata       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Apteraliplus parvulus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Archilestes californica   Archilestes californicus   Odonata (Damselfly)
Archilestes grandis       Odonata (Damselfly)
Arctopsyche californica       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Arctopsyche grandis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Arctopsyche inermis   Arctopsyche grandis   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Arcynopteryx aurea   Perlinodes aurea   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Arcynopteryx barbara   Oroperla barbara   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Arcynopteryx parallela   Skwala americana   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Arcynopteryx picticeps   Frisonia picticeps   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Arcynopteryx vagans   Perlinodes aurea   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Arcynopteryx walkeri   Frisonia picticeps   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Arcynopteryx yosemite   Megarcys yosemite   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Argia agrioides       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia alberta       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia emma       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia hinei       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia kurilis     syn. of A. vivida in book Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia moesta moesta Argia moesta     Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia nahuana       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia rita   Argia munda   Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia salaasi     invalid combo Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia sedula       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia solita   Argia pallens   Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia tonto       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argia vivida       Odonata (Damselfly)
Argyra albicans       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra albiventris       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra argentiventris       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra barbipes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra californica       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra cylindrica       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra femoralis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra nigripes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra nigriventris       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Argyra splendida   Argyra splendens   Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Asmeringa lindsleyi   Tronamyia lindsleyi   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Atherix variegata       Diptera (Watersnipe Fly)
Athripsodes annulicornis   Ceraclea annulicornis   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Athripsodes tarsipunctatus   Ceraclea tarsipunctata   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Athripsodes transversus   Ceraclea transversa   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Athyroglossa glabra       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Athyroglossa glaphyropus       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Athyroglossa melanderi       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Atissa litoralis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Atissa pygmaea       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Atractelmis wawona       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Atrichopogon arcticus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atrichopogon fusculus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atrichopogon levis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atrichopogon minutus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atrichopogon occidentalis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atrichopogon transversus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atrichopogon websteri       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Atylotus incisuralis     listed in Nearctica Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Baetis adonis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis alius       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis bicaudatus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis devinctus   Diphetor hageni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis diablus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis insignificans   Acentrella insignificans   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis intercalaris       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis intermedius   Baetis tricaudatus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis leechi   Fallceon quilleri   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis moffatti   Baetis tricaudatus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis palisadi       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis piscatorius Baetis piscatoris     Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis sulfurosus   Acerpenna sulfurosa   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis thermophilos   Acerpenna thermophilos   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetis tricaudatus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Baetisca obesa       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Bagous americanus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Bagous californicus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Bagous chandleri       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Bagous longirostris       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Bagous restrictus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Bagous tingi       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Banksiola crotchi       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Bathythrix gyrini     possible synonym of Bathythrix texana Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Bathythrix pimplae       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Belonia saturata   Libellula saturata   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Belostoma apache Belostoma micantulum   S. American sp. Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Belostoma bakeri       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Belostoma boscii     S. American species Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Belostoma flumineum       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Belostoma fusciventre       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Belostoma minor     S. American species Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Benacus griseus   Lethocerus griseus   Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Berosus californicus   Berosus fraternus   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus fraternus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus infuscatus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus ingeminatus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus maculosus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus metalliceps       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus punctatissimus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus striatus   Berosus sayi   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Berosus styliferus   Berosus stylifer   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Bezzia biannulata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia bilineata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia bivittata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia coloradensis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia expolita       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia flavitarsis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia glabra       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia granulosa   Neurobezzia granulosa   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia modocensis   Bezzia pruinosa   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia opaca       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia pulverea       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia punctipennis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia setulosa       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia sordida       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bezzia varicolor       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Bibiocephala comstocki   Agathon comstocki   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Bibiocephala grandis       Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Bibiocephala lodi lodi Ephemerella lodi Eurylophella lodi   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Bidessus affinis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus cinctellus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus leachi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus ornatellus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus pictodes       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus plicipennis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus quadripustulatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus subplicatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bidessus subtilis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Bittacomorpha occidentalis       Diptera (Phantom Crane Fly)
Bittacomorphella sackenii       Diptera (Phantom Crane Fly)
Blepharicera jordani       Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Blepharicera osten-sackeni Blepharicera ostensackeni     Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Boreodroma maculipes Boreodromia maculipes     Diptera (Dance Fly)
Bourletiella hortensis       Collembola (Springtail)
Brachybamus electus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Brachycentrus americanus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Brachydeutera argentata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Brachydeutera hebes       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Brachynus janthinipennis Brachinus janthinipennis   non-aquatic genus Coleoptera (Ground Beetle)
Brachyptera banksii   Taenionema pallidum   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera californica   Taenionema californicum   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera grinnelli   Taenionema grinnelli   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera kincaidi   Taenionema kincaidi   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera nigripennis   Taenionema pallidum   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera occidentalis   Doddsia occidentalis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera pacifica   Taenionema pacificum   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera pallida   Taenionema pallidum   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera pallidura   Taenionema pallidum   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera raynoria   Taenionema raynorium   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brachyptera vanduzeei Brachyptera vanduzeea Oemopteryx vanduzeea   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Brechmorhaga mendax Brechmorhoga mendax     Odonata (Dragonfly)
Brennania hera       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Brychius hornii       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Brychius pacificus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Bryobiota bicolor       Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Buenoa margaritacea       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Buenoa omani       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Buenoa scimitra       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Buenoa uhleri       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Caenis tardata       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis californicus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis carolus   Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis hageni   Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis hebes   Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis montanus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis pacificus   Callibaetis pictus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis pictus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis signatus   Callibaetis pictus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callibaetis traverae   Callibaetis fluctuans   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Callicorixa audeni       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Callicorixa vulnerata       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Calliperla luctuosa       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Calopteryx virgo     European species Odonata (Damselfly)
Cambarus immunis     Corixid oviposition target  
Cambarus simulans     Corixid oviposition target  
Campsicnemus armatus     Icelandic species Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Campsicnemus claudicans       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Campsicnemus degener       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Campsicnemus nigripes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Campsicnemus philoctetes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Canace aldrichi   Canacea aldrichi   Diptera (Beach Fly)
Canaceoides nudata Canaceoides nudatus     Diptera (Beach Fly)
Capnia bakeri   Mesocapnia bakeri   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia barberi       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia californica       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia columbiana   Utacapnia columbiana   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia elongata   Capnia gracilaria   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia fibula   Capnura fibula   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia fumigata   Isocapnia grandis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia glabra       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia maculata   Bolshecapnia maculata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia projecta   Mesocapnia projecta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia promota       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia spinulosa       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia teresa       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Capnia tumida   Capnia pileata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Caraphractus cinctus Caraphtactis cinctus     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Cataclysta jaliscalis Petrophila jaliscalis   MONA #4775 Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Celina angustata       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Cenocorixa andersoni       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Cenocorixa bifida       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Cenocorixa blaisdelli       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Cenocorixa kuiterti       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Cenocorixa utahensis       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Cenocorixa wileyae       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Centroptilum conturbatum       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Centroptilum convexum   Centroptilum album   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Centroptilum venosum   Procloeon venosum   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Cercyon fimbriatus     non-aquatic  
Cercyon kulzeri     non-aquatic  
Cercyon luniger     non-aquatic  
Ceropsilopa coquilletti       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ceropsilopa dispar       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ceropsilopa staffordi       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Chaetarthria minor   Chaetarthria pusilla   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Chaetarthria nigrella       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Chaetarthria pallida       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Chaoborus astictopus       Diptera (Phantom Midge)
Chaoborus flavicans       Diptera (Phantom Midge)
Chaoborus nyblaei Chaoborus cooki   AIM Diptera (Phantom Midge)
Chaoborus punctipennis       Diptera (Phantom Midge)
Chelifera precatoria       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Cheumatopsyche campyla       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Cheumatopsyche mickeli       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Cheumatopsyche mollala       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Chilo forbesellus     paracitized by Apsilops sericata Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Chiloxanthus stellatus       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Chimarra angustipennis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Chimarra elia       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Chimarra feria       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Chimarra siva   Chimarra angustipennis   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Chimarra utahensis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Chorebidella bergi       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Chorebus aquaticus       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Choroterpes terratoma       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Chrysogaster bellula Chrysogaster bellulus Orthonevra bellula   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster chilosoioides Chrysosyrphus chilosoioides   Nearctica Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster nigrovittata   Orthonevra nigrovittata   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster pacifica   Orthonevra nigrovittata   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster parva   Orthonevra parva   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster pulchella   Orthonevra pulchella   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster robusta   Orthonevra robusta   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster stigmata Chrysogaster stigmatus Orthonevra stigmata   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysogaster unicolor   Orthonevra unicolor   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Chrysops aestuans       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops asbestos       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops bishoppi       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops carbonaria Chrysops carbonarius     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops clavicornis       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops coloradensis       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops coquilletteii Chrysops coquilletti     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops discalis       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops excitans       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops fulvaster       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops furcata Chrysops furcatus     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops hirsuticallus       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops mitis       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops noctifera noctifera     invalid combo Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops noctifera pertinax     invalid combo Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops pachycera hungerfordi Chrysops pachycera Chrysops pachycerus   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops pachycera pachycera Chrysops pachycera Chrysops pachycerus   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops pechumani       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops proclivis imfurcata Chrysops proclivis     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops proclivis picea Chrysops proclivis     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops proclivis proclivis Chrysops proclivis     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops robusta Chrysops robustus Chrysops coquilletti   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops surda Chrysops surdus     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysops virgulata Chrysops virgulatus     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chrysozona americana   Haematopota americana   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Chyranda centralis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Cinygma dimicki       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Cinygmula mimus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Cinygmula par       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Cinygmula tioga       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Cinygmula uniformis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Clanoneurum americanum       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Clanoneurum menozzii     French sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Cleptelmis addenda       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Cleptelmis ornata       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Climacia areolaris       Neuroptera (Spongillaflies)
Climacia californica       Neuroptera (Spongillaflies)
Climacia dictyona   Climacia areolaris   Neuroptera (Spongillaflies)
Clinocera brunnipennis   Trichoclinocera brunnipennis   Diptera (Dance Fly)
Clinocera prasinata       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Clinocera stagnalis       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Clinohelea usingeri       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Clostoeca disjunctus Clostoeca disjuncta     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Clostoeca sperryae   Clostoeca disjuncta   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Cnephia minus       Diptera (Black Fly)
Cnephia mutata       Diptera (Black Fly)
Cnephia osborni       Diptera (Black Fly)
Cnephia stewarti   Mayacnephia stewarti   Diptera (Black Fly)
Coenagrion resolutum       Odonata (Damselfly)
Coenia fumosa     European saltwater sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Coenia turbida     invalid combo Diptera (Shore Fly)
Colymbetes exaratas Colymbetes exaratus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Colymbetes inaequalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Colymbetes rugipennis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Colymbetes seminiger       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Colymbetes strigatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Copelatus chevrolati renovatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Copelatus impressicollis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Coptotomus difficilis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Coptotomus longulus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Cordilura adrogans       Diptera (Dung Fly)
Cordilura amans   Bucephalina amans   Diptera (Dung Fly)
Cordilura beringensis   Cordilura atrata   Diptera (Dung Fly)
Cordilura latifrons       Diptera (Dung Fly)
Cordilura luteola       Diptera (Dung Fly)
Cordilura masonina Cordilura masconina Cordilura criddlei   Diptera (Dung Fly)
Cordulegaster dorsalis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Cordulia shurtleffi Cordulia shurtleffii     Odonata (Dragonfly)
Corisella decolor       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corisella dispersa     invalid combo Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corisella edulis       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corisella inscripta       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corisella mercenaria       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corisella tarsalis       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corisella tumida     invalid combo Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Corydalus cognata Corydalus cognatus Corydalus cornutus   Megaloptera (Dobsonfly)
Crenitis alticcola Crenitis alticola     Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Crenitis dissimilis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Crenitis morata       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Crenitis rufiventris       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Crenitis seriellus   Crenitis rufiventris   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Crypteria americana   Neocladura americana   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Cryptochironomus digitatus       Diptera (Midge)
Cryptochironomus fulvus       Diptera (Midge)
Cryptolabis bidenticulata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Cryptolabis brachyphallus       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Cryptolabis mixta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Cryptolabis retrorsa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Cryptostemma alienum       Heteroptera (Jumping Ground Bug)
Cryptostemma usingeri       Heteroptera (Jumping Ground Bug)
Culex anips       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex apicalis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex boharti       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex erythrothorax       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex pipiens       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex quinquefasciatus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex reevesi       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex restuans       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex stigmatosoma   Culex peus   Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex tarsalis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex territans       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culex thriambus       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culicoides baueri       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides brookmani       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides chckerelli cockerelli Culicoides cockerelli cockerelli Culicoides cockerellii   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides cockerelli saltonensis   Culicoides saltonensis   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides copiosus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides crepuscularis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides haematopotus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides hieroglyphicus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides jamesi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides luteovenus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides mohave       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides monoensis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides obsoletus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides palmerae       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides reevesi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides stellifer       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides tenuistylus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides tristriatulus       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides unicolor       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides usingeri       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides utahensis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culicoides variipennis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Culiseta impatiens       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culiseta incidens       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culiseta inornata       Diptera (Mosquito)
Culiseta maccrackenae   Culiseta particeps   Diptera (Mosquito)
Cybister ellipticus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Cybister explanatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Cylloepus parkeri       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Cymatotopus acrosticalis     invalid combo  
Cymbiodyta dorsalis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Cymbiodyta imbellis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Cymbiodyta pacifica       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Cymbiodyta puntatostriatus Cymbiodyta punctatostriata     Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Dactylolabis damula       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dactylolabis imitata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dactylolabis parviloba       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dasyhelea ancora       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea atrata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea bifurcata   Dasyhelea neobifurcata   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea brookmani       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea cincta       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea festiva       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea grisea       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea johannseni       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea mutabilis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea pallens       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea pollinosa       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea pricthardi Dasyhelea pritchardi     Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea sanctaemariae       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea tenebrosa       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea thomsenae       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Dasyhelea tristyla       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Deronectes addendus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes coelamboides     Nearctica Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes corpulentus     Nearctica Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes deceptus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes dolerosus     Nearctica Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes eximius     Nearctica Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes expositus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes funereus     Nearctica Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes griseostriatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes panaminti       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes quadrimaculatus     invalid combo Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes roffi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deronectes striatellus   Stictotarsus striatellus   Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Desmona bethula       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Desmopachria dispersa       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Desmopachria latissima       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Deuterophlebia coloradensis       Diptera (Mountain Midge)
Deuterophlebia shasta       Diptera (Mountain Midge)
Diaulota brevipes   Amblopusa brevipes   Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Diaulota densissima       Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Dichaeta atriventris   Notiphila atriventris   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Dicosmoecus atripes       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dicosmoecus unicolor   Onocosmoecus unicolor   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dicranaptycha laevis Dicranoptycha laevis     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicranaptycha melampygia Dicranoptycha melampygia     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicranaptycha occidentalis Dicranoptycha occidentalis     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicranaptycha spinosissima Dicranoptycha spinosissima     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicranaptycha stenophallus Dicranoptycha stenophallus     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota cazieriana Dicranota cazieriana     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota debilis Dicranota debilis   invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota maculata Dicranota maculata     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota nuptialis Dicranota nuptialis     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota polymeroides Dicranota polymeroides     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota reducta Dicranota reducta   Nearctica Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota tehama Dicranota tehama     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dicronota vanduzeei Dicranota vanduzeei     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Dictya lobifera       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Dictya pictipes       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Dictya umbrarum       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Dictya umbroides       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Dimecoenia austrina     invalid combo Diptera (Shore Fly)
Dimecoenia caesia     invalid combo Diptera (Shore Fly)
Dimecoenia spinosa       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Dimecoenia zurcheri     S. American species Diptera (Shore Fly)
Dineutus solitarius       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Diplectrona californica       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Diploneura cornuta   Dohrniphora cornuta   Diptera (Humpbacked Fly)
Discocerina nadineae       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Discocerina obscurella       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Discocerina plumosa     Bulgarian species Diptera (Shore Fly)
Discocerina trochanterata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Discocerina turgidula       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Discomyza incurva     European species Diptera (Shore Fly)
Discomyza maculipennis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ditrichopera argyrostoma Ditrichophora argyrostoma     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ditrichopera atrata Ditrichophora atrata     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ditrichopera cana Ditrichophora cana     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ditrichopera lugubris Ditrichophora lugubris     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ditrichopera occidentalis Ditrichophora occidentalis     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ditrichopera valens Ditrichophora valens     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Diura knowltoni       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Dixa aliciae       Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa californica       Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa chalonensis Meringodixa chalonensis     Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa hegemonica       Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa modesta       Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa rhathyme       Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa somnolenta   Dixella cornuta   Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dixa xavia       Diptera (Dixid Midge)
Dohrniphora venusta   Dohrniphora divaricata   Diptera (Humpbacked Fly)
Dolichopus acricola       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus aedequatus Dolichopus adaequatus     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus afflictus Dolichopus affictus     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus affluens       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus aldrichii       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus amnicola       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus andersoni       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus appendiculatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus bakeri       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus barbaricus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus bruesi       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus californicus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus canaliculatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus cavatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus completus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus comptus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus consanguineus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus coquillittei Dolichopus coquilletti     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus corax       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus crenatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus cuprinus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus duplicatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus formosus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus grandis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus hastatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus idahoensis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus jugalis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus manicula       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus monticula Dolichopus monticola     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus multisetosus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus myosota Dolichopus myosotus     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus nigricauda       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus nigrimanus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus obcordatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus occidentalis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus paluster       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus penicillatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus plumipes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus pollex       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus ramifer       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus scoparius   Dolichopus finitus   Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus squamosus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus subcostatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus sufflavus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus superbus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus talus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus tenuipes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus uxorcula       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus viridis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolichopus walkeri       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Dolophilodes aequalis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dolophilodes distinctus Dolophilodes distincta   TWC Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dolophilodes dorcus Dolophilodes dorca   TWC Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dolophilodes novusamericanus Dolophilodes novusamericana   TWC Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dolophilodes pollidipes Dolophilodes pallidipes     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Donacia distincta occidentalis Donacia distincta     Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia emarginata   Plateumaris nitida   Coleoptera (Leef Beetle)
Donacia germari     perhaps Plateumaris germari Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia hirticollis       Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia longicollis     perhaps Coleorozena or Metachroma Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia piscatrix       Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia proxima californica Donacia proxima     Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia pubescens       Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Donacia pusilla pyritosa Plateumaris pusilla   MCZ Type Database - Harvard Univ Coleoptera (Leef Beetle)
Donacia subtilis magistrigata Donacia subtilis     Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Drusinus edwardsi   Pseudostenophylax edwardsi   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Dryops arizonensis       Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Dryops luridus       Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Dubiraphia brunnescens       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Dubiraphia giulianii       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Dysmicohermes crepusculus     invalid combo Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Dysmicohermes ingens       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Dythemis velox       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Dytiscus anxius       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Dytiscus dauricus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Dytiscus hatchi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Dytiscus marginalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Dytiscus marginicollis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Ecclisomyia bilera       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ecclisomyia conspersa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ecclisomyia maculosa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ecclisomyia scylla   Ecclisocosmoecus scylla   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ecclisomyia simulata   Ecclisomyia maculosa   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Edmundsius agilis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Elliptera astigmatica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Elliptera clausa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Elodes apicalis       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Elodes aquatica       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Elodes hausmanni     invalid combo Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Elodes marginata Elodes emarginata     Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Elodes minuta     invalid combo Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Elodes nunenmacheri       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Elophila brunnildalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Elophila kearfottalis     invalid combo Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Elophila satanalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Elophila schaefferalis     invalid combo Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Elophila truckeealis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Elsianus moestus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Emplenota arenaria     marine sp.  
Emplenota pacifica     marine sp.  
Enallagma anna       Odonata (Damselfly)
Enallagma boreale       Odonata (Damselfly)
Enallagma carunculatum       Odonata (Damselfly)
Enallagma civile       Odonata (Damselfly)
Enallagma clausum       Odonata (Damselfly)
Enallagma cyathigerum       Odonata (Damselfly)
Enallagma praevarum       Odonata (Damselfly)
Endalus limatulus   Notiodes limatulus   Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Endalus limatulus   Notiodes limatulus   Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Endalus limatulus   Notiodes limatulus   Coleoptera (Marsh Weevil)
Endalus limatulus   Notiodes limatulus   Coleoptera (Marsh Weevil)
Endalus ovalis   Notiodes ovalis   Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Endalus ovalis   Notiodes ovalis   Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Endalus ovalis   Notiodes ovalis   Coleoptera (Marsh Weevil)
Endalus ovalis   Notiodes ovalis   Coleoptera (Marsh Weevil)
Endeodes basalis       Coleoptera (Soft-Winged Flower Beetle)
Endeodes blaisdelli       Coleoptera (Soft-Winged Flower Beetle)
Endeodes collaris       Coleoptera (Soft-Winged Flower Beetle)
Endeodes insularis       Coleoptera (Soft-Winged Flower Beetle)
Endeodes rugiceps       Coleoptera (Soft-Winged Flower Beetle)
Enochrus californicus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus carinatus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus conjunctus   Enochrus hamiltoni   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus cristatus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus cuspidatus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus diffusus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus fucatus   Enochrus carinatus fucatus   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus hamiltoni pacificus   Enochrus hamiltoni   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus hamiltoni pyretus   Enochrus hamiltoni   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus lattiusculus     invalid combo Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus obtusiusculus   Enochrus cristatus   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Enochrus pectoralis   Enochrus pygmaeus pectoralis   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Entomobrya clitellaria       Collembola (Springtail)
Entomobrya laguna       Collembola (Springtail)
Ephemerella cognata   Serratella teresa   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella coloradensis   Drunella coloradensis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella delantala   Attenella delantala   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella doddsi   Drunella doddsii   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella euterpe   Ephemerella maculata   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella flavilinea   Drunella flavilinea   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella glacialis carsona   Drunella grandis grandis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella hecuba   Timpanoga hecuba hecuba   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella heterocaudata   Caudatella heterocaudata heterocaudata   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella hystris Ephemerella hystrix Caudatella hystrix   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella inermis   Ephemerella excrucians   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella infrequens   Ephemerella dorothea infrequens   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella levis   Serratella levis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella lodi   Eurylophella lodi   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella maculata       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella micheneri   Serratella micheneri   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella mollitia   Ephemerella dorothea infrequens   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella pelosa   Drunella pelosa   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella proserpina   Drunella grandis ingens   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella sierra   Drunella spinifera   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella soquele   Attenella soquele   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella spinifera   Drunella spinifera   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella spinosa   Caudatella hystrix   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella teresa   Serratella teresa   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella tibialis   Serratella tibialis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephemerella yosemite   Drunella grandis ingens   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ephydra auripes       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ephydra cinerea   Ephydra gracilis   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ephydra macellaria       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ephydra riparia       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Eretes stricticus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Eretmoptera browni       Diptera (Midge)
Erioptera bispinosa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera fenderi     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera millardi     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera nitida       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera palomarica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera perflaveola Erioptera perflavens Cheilotrichia perflavens   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera sackeniana     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera sequoiae     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Erioptera squamosa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Eriplanus cushmani Theroscopus cushmani   parasite of Gyrinus  
Erpetogomphus compositus       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Erpetogomphus lampropeltis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Erythemis callocata Erythemis collocata     Odonata (Dragonfly)
Erythemis simplicicollis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Erythrodiplax funerea       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Eubrianax edwardsi   Eubrianax edwardsii   Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Eucapnopsis brevicauda       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Eucorethra underwoodi       Diptera (Phantom Midge)
Eulalia americana   Odontomyia americana   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia anticola     invalid combo  
Eulalia arcuata   Odontomyia arcuata   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia cincta   Odontomyia cincta   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia colei   Odontomyia colei   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia hirtocculata   Odontomyia hirtocculata   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia hoodiana   Odontomyia hoodiana   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia inequalis Odontomyia inequalis Odontomyia inaequalis   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia pilosa   Odontomyia pilosus   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia pubescens   Odontomyia pubescens   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eulalia timida Odontomyia tumida     Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus amplus   Caloparyphus amplus   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus apicalis       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus crotchii Euparyphus crotchi Caloparyphus crotchi   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus crucigerous Euparyphus crucigerus Caloparyphus crucigerus   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus flaviventris   Caloparyphus flaviventris   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus lagunae       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus major   Caloparyphus major   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus mariposa   Caloparyphus mariposa   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus niger   Adoxomyia lata   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus pardalinus       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Euparyphus tahoensis   Caloparyphus crucigerus   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Eurystethes californicus   Aegialites californicus   Coleoptera (Narrow-Waisted Bark Beetle)
Eurystethes fuschsii   Aegialites fuchsii   Coleoptera (Narrow-Waisted Bark Beetle)
Eurystethes subopacus   Aegialites subopacus   Coleoptera (Narrow-Waisted Bark Beetle)
Forcipomyia bipunctata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia brevipennis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia brookmani   Forcipomyia fuliginosa   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia calcarata var. sonora Forcipomyia sonora     Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia cilipes       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia cinctipes       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia colemani       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia eques       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia hurdi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia macswaini       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia monilicornis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia occidentalis   Forcipomyia hygrophila   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia quatei       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia squamipes       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia texana simulata Forcipomyia texana     Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia texana texana Forcipomyia texana     Diptera (Biting Midge)
Forcipomyia townesi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Galerucella nymphaeae       Coleoptera (Leef Beetle)
Gelastocoris californiensis       Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Gelastocoris oculatus       Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Gelastocoris rotundatus       Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Gelastocoris variegatus       Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Gerris buenoi       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris dissortis   Limnoporus dissortis   Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris gillettei       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris incognitus       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris incurvatus       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris marginatus       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris notabilis     Limnoporus notabilis? Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris nyctalis   Aquarius nyctalis   Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris remigis   Aquarius remigis   Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Gerris rufoscutellatus   Limnoporus rufoscutellatus   Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Ginglymyia acirostris     parasitic aquatic tachinid  
Glaucops fratellus Tabanus fratellus     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Glenanthe litorea       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Glossosoma brunea Glossosoma bruna     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Glossosoma califica       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Glossosoma mereca Glossosoma merecum     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Glossosoma oregonense       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Glossosoma pterna Glossosoma pternum     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Glyphopsyche irrorata       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Gomphus confraternus confraternus   Gomphus kurilis   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gomphus confraternus donneri   Gomphus kurilis   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gomphus intricatus   Stylurus intricatus   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gomphus kurilis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gomphus olivaceous   Stylurus olivaceus   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gomphus sobrinus   Gomphus kurilis   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gonomyia aciculifera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia californica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia cinerea       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia coloradica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia flavibasis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia hesperia       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia lindseyi       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia pelingi Gonomyia polingi     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia percomplexa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia poliocephala       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia proserpina       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia spinifer       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia tuberculata   Gonomyia flavibasis   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Gonomyia virgata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Graphoderus occidentalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Graptocorixa abdominalis       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Graptocorixa californica       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Graptocorixa serrulata       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Graptocorixa uhleri       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Graptocorixa uhleroidea       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Gymnopa bibentata     invalid combo  
Gymnopa tibialis   Mosillus tibialis   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Gynacantha nervosa       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gynacantha trifida   Triacanthagyna trifida   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Gyretes californicus       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyretes sinuatus       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinophagus dineutus Gyrinophagus dineutis     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Gyrinus affinis Gyrinus affinus     Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus assimilis     invalid combo Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus bifarius       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus consobrinus       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus parcus californicus       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus picipes       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus pleuralis       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus plicifer       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Gyrinus punctellus       Coleoptera (Whirlygig Beetle)
Haliplus concolor       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus cylindricus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus dorsomaculatus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus gracilis       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus leechi       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus mimeticus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus robertsi       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus rugosus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus subguttatus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus tumidus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Haliplus wallisi       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Halobates sericeus       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Haplometra cylindracea     a tremode of frogs  
Hastaperla brevis   Haploperla brevis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Hastaperla chilnualna   Haploperla chilnualna   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Hebrus concinnus       Heteroptera (Velvet Water Bug)
Hebrus hubbardi       Heteroptera (Velvet Water Bug)
Hebrus ruficeps     European species Heteroptera (Velvet Water Bug)
Hebrus sobrinus       Heteroptera (Velvet Water Bug)
Hecamede persimilis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hecamedoides glaucella Hecamedoides glaucellus     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hecamedoides hecuba     invalid combo Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hedriodiscus currani Odontomyia truquii var. currani Hedriodiscus truquii   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Hedriodiscus trivittatus       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Hedriodiscus truquii innotata Hedriodiscus truquii     Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Hedriodiscus truquii trutuii Hedriodiscus truquii     Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Hedriodiscus vertebrata Hedriodiscus vertebratus     Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Helaeomyia petrolei       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Helea culicoidithorax     likely Ceratopogon culicoidithorax  
Helea longipennis   Ceratoculicoides longipennis   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Helea mallochi     likely Ceratopogon mallochi  
Helea pruinosa   Brachypogon pruinosus   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Helea stigmalis     likely Brachypogon stigmalis  
Helichus foveatus Helichus striatus foveatus     Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Helichus immsi   Postelichus immsi   Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Helichus lithophilus       Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Helichus productus   Postelichus productus   Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Helichus suteralis   Helichus suturalis   Coleoptera (Longtoed Water Beetle)
Helicopsyche borealis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Helicopsyche mexicana       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Helophilus fasciagus Helophilus fasciatus     Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Helophilus latifrons       Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Helophorus angustulus   Helophorus auricollis   Coleoptera (Helophorid Beetle)
Helophorus fortis       Coleoptera (Helophorid Beetle)
Helophorus linearis       Coleoptera (Helophorid Beetle)
Helophorus obscurus       Coleoptera (Helophorid Beetle)
Hemerodromia brevifrons       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Hemerodromia rogatoris       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Hemerodromia seguyi       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Hemiteles cheboyganensis     likely Pleurogyrus cheboyganensis  
Hemiteles gyrinophagus   Bathythrix gyrinophaga   Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Hemiteles hungerfordi   Pleurogyrus hungerfordi   Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Heptagenia elegantula       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Heptagenia kennedyi   Nixe kennedyi   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Heptagenia rubroventris   Ecdyonurus criddlei   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Hesperocorixa laevigata       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Hesperocorixa vulgaris       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Hetaerina americana       Odonata (Damselfly)
Hetaerina vulnerata       Odonata (Damselfly)
Heterelmis glaber Heterelmis glabra     Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Heterlimnius corpulentus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Heterlimnius koebelei       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Heteroplectron californicum       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hexacylloepus ferrugineus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Hexagenia limbata californica Hexagenia californica Hexagenia limbata   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Hexatoma albihirta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma austera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma azrael       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma brevipila       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma californica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma mariposa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma obscura     European sp. Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma palomarensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma parva   Hexatoma austera   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma saturata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Hexatoma sculleni       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Holorusia grandis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Holorusia rubiginosa   Holorusia grandis   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Homoplectra alseae       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Homoplectra nigripennis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Homoplectra oaklandensis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Homoplectra shasta       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Homoplectra spora       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hoplodictya spinicornis       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Hydaticus modestus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydatophylax hesperus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydraena pennsylvanica       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Hydraena vandykei       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Hydrellia cruralis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia griseola hypoleuca Hydrellia griseola     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia griseola obscuriceps Hydrellia griseola     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia griseola scampularis Hydrellia griseola     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia nasturtii Hydrellia pubescens   European sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia proclinata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia tibialis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrellia williamsi       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrina binotata   Hyadina binotata   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrina pruinosa   Hyadina pruinosa   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrobius fuscipes       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Hydrocanthus iricolor       Coleoptera (Burrowing Water Beetle)
Hydrocanthus similator   Hydrocanthus iricolor   Coleoptera (Burrowing Water Beetle)
Hydrochara lineata       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Hydrochara rickseckeri       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Hydrochasma capax   Hydrochasma faciale   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrochasma leucoprocta Hydrochasma leucoproctum     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydrochus squamifer       Coleoptera (Hydrochid Beetle)
Hydrochus vagus       Coleoptera (Hydrochid Beetle)
Hydrochus variolatus       Coleoptera (Hydrochid Beetle)
Hydrometra lillianis       Heteroptera (Water Measures)
Hydrometra martini       Heteroptera (Water Measures)
Hydromyza confluens       Diptera (Dung Fly)
Hydrophilus insularis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Hydrophilus triangularis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Hydrophoria arctica   Zaphne verticina   Diptera (Anthomyiid Flies)
Hydrophoria divisa   Zaphne divisa   Diptera (Anthomyiid Flies)
Hydrophoria seticuada   Zaphne seticauda   Diptera (Anthomyiid Flies)
Hydrophorus agalma       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus alter       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus argentatus   Hydatostega argentatus   Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus breviseta       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus canescens       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus flavipennis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus gratiosus   Hydatostega gratiosus   Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus innotatus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus magdalenae       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus pacificus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus philombreus Hydrophorus philombrius     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus phoca       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus plumbeus   Hydatostega plumbeus   Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus praecox       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydrophorus sodalis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hydroporus axillaris       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus barbarae       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus barberensis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus belfragei       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus bidessoides       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus fortis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus funestus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus hardyi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus hirtellus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus latebrosus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus mannerheimi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus occidentalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus palliatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus pervicinus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus rossi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus subpubescens       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus tademus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus terminalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydroporus vilis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydropsyche californica       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydropsyche cockerelli   Ceratopsyche cockerelli   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydropsyche occidentalis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydropsyche oslari   Ceratopsyche oslari   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydropsyche philo       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydroptila acoma   Hydroptila arctia   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydroptila argosa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydroptila rono       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydroptila xera       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Hydropyrus hians Ephydra hians     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Hydroscapha natans       Coleoptera (Skiff Beetle)
Hydrotrupes palpalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hydrovatus brevipes       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus artus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus collatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus curvipes       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus fraternus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus hydropicus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus impressopunctatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus infuscatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus intermedius       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus lineellus Hygrotus impressopunctatus lineellus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus lutescens       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus masculinus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus mediala Hygrotus medialis     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus nigrescens       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus obscureplagiatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus pedalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus sayi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus sharpi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hygrotus tumidiventris       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Hypocharassus pruinosus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Hyponeura lugens   Argia lugens   Odonata (Damselfly)
Ilybius fraterculus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Ilybius fuliginosus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Ilybius quadrimaculatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Ilythea caniceps       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ilythea flaviceps       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ilythea spilota       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ioscytus franciscanus       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Ioscytus nasti       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Ioscytus politus       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Iron albertae   Epeorus albertae   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Iron dulciana   Epeorus dulciana   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Iron lagunitas   Epeorus lagunitas   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Iron longimanus   Epeorus longimanus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Iron sancta-gabriel   Epeorus hesperus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ironodes californicus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ironodes geminatus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ironodes lepidus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ironodes nitidus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ironopsis grandis   Epeorus grandis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Ischnura barberi       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura cervula       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura defixum Agrion defixum Ischnura ramburii   Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura demorsa       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura denticollis       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura erratica       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura extriata   Ischnura denticollis   Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura geminatus Ischnura gemina     Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura perparva       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura ramburii       Odonata (Damselfly)
Ischnura utahensis   Ischnura barberi   Odonata (Damselfly)
Isocapnia abbreviata       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isocapnia fumosa   Isocapnia grandis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isocapnia grandis       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus alameda   Baumannella alameda   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus bilobatus   Remenus bilobatus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus duplicatus   Diploperla duplicata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus erratus   Chernokrilus erratus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus expansus   Pictetiella expansa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus frontalis columbrinus Isogenus frontalis Isogenoides frontalis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus frontalis columbrinus Isogenus frontalis Isogenoides colubrinus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus hastatus   Malirekus hastatus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus misnomus   Chernokrilus misnomus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus monus Isogenus nonus Kogotus nonus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus pilatus   Cultus pilatus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus sorptus   Rickera sorpta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus tostonus   Cultus tostonus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isogenus yakimae   Osobenus yakimae   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isonychia velma       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Isoperla 5-punctata Isoperla five-punctata Isoperla quinquepunctata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla cascadensis   Isoperla fulva   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla chrysannula   Isoperla fulva   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla ebria   Isoperla sobria   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla fulva       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla insipida   Isoperla mormona   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla marmorata       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla mormona       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla patricia   Isoperla quinquepunctata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla pinta       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla sordida       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isoperla trictura   Cascadoperla trictura   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Isotoma besselsii Archisotoma besselsii   marine sp.  
Isotomurus palustris       Collembola (Springtail)
Johannsenomyia caudelli Johannsenomyia caudellii   likely Mallochohelea caudellii Diptera (Biting Midge)
Johannsenomyia flavidula Johannseniella flavidula Mallochohelea flavidula   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Johannsenomyia halteralis   Johannsenomyia argentata   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Johannsenomyia pullata   Mallochohelea pullata   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Johannsenomyia sybleae   Mallochohelea sybleae   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Kathroperla perdita       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Krizousacorixa azteca     invalid combo Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Krizousacorixa femorata     invalid combo Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Labostigmina similis   Psellidotus similis   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Laboulbenia gyrinidarum     Fungi  
Laccobius agilis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Laccobius californicus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Laccobius carri       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Laccobius ellipticus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Laccobius insolitus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Laccophilus atristernalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Laccophilus decipiens   Laccophilus maculosus maculosus   Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Laccophilus maculosus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Laccophilus quadrilineatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Laccophilus terminalis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Lamproscatella cephalotes       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lamproscatella dichaeta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lamproscatella nivosa       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lamproscatella quadrisetosa       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lamproscatella salinaria       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lamproscatella sibilans       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lara avara       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Lara gehringi       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Lemnaphila scotlandi Lemnaphila scotlandae     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lenarchus graviuus Lenarchus gravidus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lenarchus rillus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma astanea       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma cantha       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma cascadensis   Lepidostoma cascadense   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma errigena       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma jewetti       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma lotor       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma mira   Lepidostoma cascadense   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma podager Lepidostoma podagrum     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma rayneri       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma roafi       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma strophis   Lepidostoma cinereum   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Lepidostoma unicolor       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Leptoconops freeborni       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Leptoconops kerteszi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Leptoconops torrens       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Leptopsilopa atrimana       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Leptopsilopa varipes       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lestes alacer       Odonata (Damselfly)
Lestes congener       Odonata (Damselfly)
Lestes disjunctus   Lestes australis   Odonata (Damselfly)
Lestes dryas       Odonata (Damselfly)
Lestes forcipatus       Odonata (Damselfly)
Lestes stultus       Odonata (Damselfly)
Lestes unguiculatus       Odonata (Damselfly)
Lethocerus americanus       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Lethocerus angustipes       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Lethocerus annulipes       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Lethocerus indicus       Heteroptera (Giant Water Bug)
Leucorrhinia glacialis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Leucorrhinia hudsonica       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Leucorrhinia intacta       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Leucotrichia pictipes       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Leuctra augusta   Despaxia augusta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra bradleyi   Paraleuctra occidentalis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra claasseni   Zealeuctra claasseni   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra forcipata   Paraleuctra forcipata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra glabra   Despaxia augusta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra infuscata   Moselia infuscata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra occidentalis   Paraleuctra occidentalis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra projecta   Paraleuctra projecta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra projecta   Paraleuctra occidentalis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Leuctra sara   Paraleuctra sara   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Libellula comanche       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula composita       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula forensis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula luctuosa       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula nodisticta       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula pulchella       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula quadrimaculata       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Libellula virgo Calopteryx virgo meridionalis   European sp. Odonata (Damselfly)
Limnebius alutaceus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Limnebius congener       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Limnebius piceus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Limnellia quadrata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Limnellia sejuncta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Limnephilus acnestus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus aretto       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus assimilis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus coloradensis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus externus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus frijole       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus lunonus   Limnephilus concolor   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus morrisoni       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus nogus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus occidentalis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus productus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus secludens       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnephilus spinatus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Limnia pubescens       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Limnia saratogensis saratogensis Limnia saratogensis     Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Limnia saratogensis severa Limnia saratogensis     Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Limnichus analis   Eulimnichus analis   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus californicus   Eulimnichus californicus   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus naviculatus   Limnichoderus naviculatus   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus nebulosus   Limnichites nebulosus   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus nebulosus   Limnichites nebulosus   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus perforatus   Limnichites perforatus   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus perpolitus   Eulimnichus perpolitus   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnichus tenuicornis   Lichminus tenuicornis   Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Limnius latinsculus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Limnophila amabilis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila antennata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila apiculata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila barberi       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila claggi       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila cressoni       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila edentata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila freeborni       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila hepatica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila modoc       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila nitidithorax   Dactylolabis nitidithorax   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila nupta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila occidens       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila sequoiarum       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila stepens Limnophila strepens Limnophila flavapila   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophila subaptera   Pedicia subaptera   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limnophora acuticornis   Spilogona acuticornis   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora aequifrons   Lispoides aequifrons   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora arcuata   Brontaea quadristigma   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora bisetosa   Spilogona bisetosa   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora discreta       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora exsurda     invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora femorata       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora magnipunctata   Spilogona magnipunctata   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora narona       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora surda     invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnophora torreyae   Spilogona torreyae   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Limnoporis rufoscutellatus Limnoporus rufoscutellatus     Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Limonia adjecta Dicranomyia adjecta Limonia infuscata   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia anteapicalis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia bistigma       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia californica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia canadensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia catalinae       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia cervina       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia citrina       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia distans       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia diversa   Limonia divisa   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia duplicata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia halterata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia humidicola       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia libertoides       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia linsdalei       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia longipennis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia maculata     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia marmorata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia negligens Dicranomyia negligens Limonia duplicata   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia particeps       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia rhipidoides     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia sciophila     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia signipennis Limonia stygipennis     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia simulans concinna Limonia simulans     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia stigmata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia tributaria   Limonia bistigma   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia venusta Dicranomyia venusta Limonia duplicata   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Limonia viridicans Dicranomyia viridicans Limonia humidicola   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Liparocephalus brevipennis       Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Liparocephalus cordicollis       Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Lipochaeta slossonae       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lipsothrix shasta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Liriope lenis Ptychoptera lenis     Diptera (Phantom Crane Fly)
Liriope minor Ptychoptera minor     Diptera (Phantom Crane Fly)
Liriope monoensis Ptychoptera monoensis     Diptera (Phantom Crane Fly)
Liriope sculleni Ptychoptera sculleni     Diptera (Phantom Crane Fly)
Lispe consanguinea       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe metatarsalis     invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe nasoni       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe polita       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe probohemica       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe salina       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe sordida       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe tentaculata       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispe uliginosa       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispocephala alma Caricea alma     Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispocephala erythrocera Caricea erythrocera     Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispocephala fusca Caricea fusca   invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispocephala kaalae Caricea kaalae   invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lispocephala sitipes Caricea sitipes   invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Lissorhoptrus simplex       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Listronotus appendiculatus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Lixellus filiformis       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Lytogaster flavipes     invalid combo Diptera (Shore Fly)
Lytogaster gravida       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Macromia magnifica       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Macromia pacifica       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Macronychus glabratus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Macrovatellus mexicanus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Macrovelia hornii       Heteroptera (Macrovellid Shore Bug)
Mallota cimbiciformis     British species Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Mallota posticata       Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Mansonia perturbans       Diptera (Mosquito)
Marilia flexuosa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Maruina lanceolata       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Matus bicarinatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Melanderia curvipes       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Melanderia mandibulata       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Merragata brevis   Lipogomphus brevis   Heteroptera (Velvet Water Bug)
Merragata hebroides       Heteroptera (Velvet Water Bug)
Mesovelia amoena       Heteroptera (Water Treader)
Mesovelia douglasensis   Mesovelia amoena   Heteroptera (Water Treader)
Mesovelia mulsanti       Heteroptera (Water Treader)
Mesovelia mulsanti bisignata Mesovelia mulsanti     Heteroptera (Water Treader)
Mesovelia mulsanti caraiba Mesovelia mulsanti     Heteroptera (Water Treader)
Mesovelia mulsanti meridionalis Mesovelia mulsanti     Heteroptera (Water Treader)
Metriocnemus edwardsi       Diptera (Midge)
Metriocnemus knabi       Diptera (Midge)
Metrobates infuscatus Metrobates trux infuscatus     Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Metrobates trux Metrobates trux trux     Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Micracanthia humilus       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Micracanthia pusilla   Micracanthia quadrimaculata   Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Micracanthia quadrimaculata       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Micrasema aspilus Amiocentrus aspilus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Micrasema onisca       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Microcylloepus moapis Microcylloepus moapus     Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Microcylloepus pusillus foveatus Microcylloepus foveatus     Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Microcylloepus pusillus similis       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Microcylloepus thermarum       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Microtendipes caducus       Diptera (Midge)
Microvelia albonotata       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia americana       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia beameri       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia borealis Microvelia pulchella     Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia buenoi       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia californiensis       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia capitata Microvelia pulchella     Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia cerifera       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia gerhardi       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia hinei       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia incerta Microvelia pulchella     Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia paludicola       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia pulchella       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Microvelia signata       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Monohelea calcarata     invalid combo Diptera (Biting Midge)
Monohelea maculipennis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Mononyx fuscipes     invalid combo  
Mydaeina obscura   Spilogona obscura   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Myiolepta californica   Myolepta lunulata   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Myiolepta lunulata Myolepta lunulata     Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Myiolepta nigra   Myolepta nigra   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Myiolepta varipes   Myolepta varipes   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Mystacides alafimbriata Mystacides alafimbriatus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Mystacides longicornis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Mystacides sepulchralis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Myxosargus knowltoni       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Namamyia plutonis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Narpus angustus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Narpus concolor       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Nemotelus albomarginatus Nemotelus albimarginatus     Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus arator       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus canadensis       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus glaber       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus lambda   Nemotelus aldrichi   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus rufoabdominalis       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus trinotatus   Nemotelus kansensis   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus tristis       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemotelus unicolor   Nemotelus nigrinus   Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Nemoura besametsa   Prostoia besametsa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura biloba   Malenka biloba   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura californica   Malenka californica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura cataractae   Visoka cataractae   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura cinctipes   Zapada cinctipes   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura coloradensis   Malenka coloradensis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura columbiana   Zapada columbiana   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura cornuta   Malenka cornuta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura decepta   Podmosta decepta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura delicatula   Podmosta delicatula   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura dep;ressa Nemoura depressa Malenka depressa   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura frigida   Zapada frigida   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura haysi   Zapada haysi   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura lobata   Malenka californica   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura nevadensis interrupta Nemoura interrupta Soyedina interrupta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura nevadensis nevadensis Nemoura nevadensis Soyedina interrupta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura nevadensis nevadensis Nemoura nevadensis Soyedina nevadensis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura obscura   Podmosta obscura   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura oregoniensis Nemoura oregonensis Zapada haysi   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura oregoniensis Nemoura oregonensis Zapada oregonensis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura producta   Soyedina producta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura prolongata   Ostrocerca prolongata   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura pseudoproducta   Soyedina nevadensis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura rotunda   Shipsa rotunda   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura spiniloba       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura tuberculata   Soyedina producta   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura tumana   Lednia tumana   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Nemoura wui   Amphinemura wui   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Neoelmis caesa       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Neohaemonia nigricornis       Coleoptera (Leaf Beetle)
Neohermes californicus       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Neophylax occidentalis Neophylax occidentis     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Neophylax rickeri       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Neoplasta hebes       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Neoplasta scapularis megorchia Neoplasta scapularis     Diptera (Dance Fly)
Neoplasta scapularis scapularis Neoplasta scapularis     Diptera (Dance Fly)
Neoscatella setosa       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Neostricklandia sericata Neostrictlandia sericata Apsilops sericata   Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Nepa apiculata       Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Nepa cinerea       Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Nerophilus californicus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Nerthra martini       Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Nerthra nepaeformis     invalid combo Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Nerthra usingeri       Heteroptera (Toad Bug)
Neurohelea nigra       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Nostima picta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Nostima scutellaris occidentalis Nostima occidentalis     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Noterus capricornis Noterus crassicornis   European sp.  
Noterus clavicornis Noterus crassicornis   European sp.  
Notiphila atrisetis   Notiphila decoris   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila erythrocera       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila loewi       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila macrochaeta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila occidentalis   Notiphila quadrisetosa   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila olivacea       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila pulchifrons Notiphila pulchrifrons     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notiphila sicca       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Notonecta badia     invalid combo Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta borealis       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta hoffmanni       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta indica       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta kirbyi       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta maculata       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta ochrothroe Notonecta ochrothoe     Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta shooterii Notonecta shooteri     Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta spinosa       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta undulata       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta unifasciata       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Notonecta unifasciata andersoni       Heteroptera (Backswimmer)
Nymphula gurgitalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Nymphula iccusalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Nymphula obliteralis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Nymphula occidentalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Occidentalia comptulatalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Ochrotrichia lometo Ochrotrichia lometa     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ochrotrichia mono       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ochrotrichia trapoiza       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ochterus banksi       Heteroptera (Velvety Shore Bug)
Ochterus barberi       Heteroptera (Velvety Shore Bug)
Ochthebius bruesi       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius costipennis       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius cribicollis       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius discretus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius fossatus   Gymnochthebius fossatus   Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius holmbergi       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius interruptus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius laevipennis       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius lineatus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius martini       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius punticollis Ochthebius puncticollis     Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius rectus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius sculptus       Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthebius vandykei   Neochthebius vandykei   Coleoptera (Minute Moss Beetle)
Ochthera cuprilineata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ochthera mantis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ochthera melanderi   Ochthera cuprilineata   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ochthera pilimana     Oceania sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Octogomphus specularis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Oecetis avara       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Oecetis disjuncta       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Oecetis inconspicua       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Oecetis ochracea       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Oedenops nuda Oedenops nudus     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Oligophlebodes sierra       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Oligoplectrum echo   Brachycentrus echo   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Onychiurus armatus       Collembola (Springtail)
Onychiurus cocklei       Collembola (Springtail)
Onychiurus fimetarius Onychiurus ambulans     Collembola (Springtail)
Onychylis nigirostris     invalid combo Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Ophiogomphus bison       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus montanus   Ophiogomphus severus montanus   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus morrisoni       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus morrisoni nevadensis Ophiogomphus nevadensis Ophiogomphus morrisoni   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus occidentalis Ophiogomphus occidentis     Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus occidentalis californicus Ophiogomphus californicus Ophiogomphus occidentis   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus phaleratus   Ophiogomphus occidentis   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus sequoiarum   Ophiogomphus bison   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Ophiogomphus severus       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Optioservus canus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Optioservus divergens       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Optioservus quadrimaculatus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Optioservus seriatus       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Ordobrevia nubifera       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Orectogyrus specularis     Afrotropical sp.  
Oreodytes abbreviatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Oreodytes bisulcatus Oreodytes scitulus bisulcatus     Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Oreodytes obesus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Oreodytes obesus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Oreodytes picturatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Oreodytes semiclarus   Oreodytes laevis   Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Oreodytes subrotundus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Ormosia burneyensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia cornuta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia heptacantha       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia legata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia leptorhabda       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia manicata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia modica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia pernodosa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia profunda       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia sequoiarum       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia stylifer   Ormosia modica   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia taeniocera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia tahoensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ormosia tricornis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Orthemis ferruginea       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Orthopodomyia californica   Orthopodomyia signifera   Diptera (Mosquito)
Oxyethira pallida       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Pachydiplax longipennis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Paleagapetus nearcticus Palaeagapetus nearcticus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Palpomyia aldrichi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia armatipes       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia essigi   Palpomyia subasper   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia flavipes       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia kernensis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia linsleyi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia nigripes       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Palpomyia trifasciata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Paltothemis lineatipes       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Paltothemis russata   Paltothemis lineatipes   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Pangonia dives   Stonemyia californica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Pantala flavescens       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Pantala hymenaea       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Paracloeodes abditis Paracloeodes abditus Paracloeodes minutus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paracloeodes portoricensis     invalid combo Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraclunio alaskensis   Telmatogeton alaskensis   Diptera (Midge)
Paraclunio trilobatus   Telmatogeton trilobatus   Diptera (Midge)
Paracoenia bisetosa       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Paracoenia platypelta   Calocoenia platypelta   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Paracymus elegans       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Paracymus ellipsis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Paracymus subcupreus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Paraleptophlebia associata       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia cachea       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia californica       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia clara       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia debilis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia gregalis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia helena       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia pallipes   Paraleptophlebia memorialis   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia placeri       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia quisquilia       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paraleptophlebia zayante       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Paralimna aequalis     Oceana/Asia sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Paralimna decipiens       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Paralimna multipunctata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Paraperla frontalis       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Parapsyche almota       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Parapsyche elsis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Parapsyche extensa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Parapsyche spinata       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Parargyractis bifascialis   Petrophila bifascialis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis cappsi   Petrophila cappsi   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis daemonalis   Petrophila daemonalis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis fulicalis   Petrophila fulicalis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis jaliscalis   Petrophila jaliscalis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis kearfottalis   Petrophila kearfottalis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis longipennis   Petrophila longipennis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis opulentalis Petrophila opulentalis     Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis schaefferalis   Petrophila schaefferalis   Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parargyractis truckeealis Elophila truckeealis     Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Parascatella marinensis   Scatella marinensis   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parascatella melanderi   Scatella melanderi   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parascatella triseta Scatella triseta     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parasimulium furcatum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Paratendipes albimanus       Diptera (Midge)
Parathyroglossa ordinata Athyroglossa ordinata     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parthina linea       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Parydra aldrichi     invalid combo Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra appendiculata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra aurata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra bituberculata nitida Parydra bituberculata Parydra aquila   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra borealis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra breviceps vicina Parydra breviceps     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra halteralis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra incommoda       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra paullula       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra pusilla     European sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra socia       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra tibialis   Parydra aquila   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Parydra varia       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Patasson gerrisophaga       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Pedicia actaeon     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia ampla truncata Pedicia truncata     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia aperta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia bidentifera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia obtusa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia parvicellula       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia septentrionalis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia simplicistyla       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia subaptera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pedicia subobtusa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pelignellus subnudus       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pelina canadensis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pelina compar       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pelina truncatula       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pelocoris shoshone       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Pelopia punctipennis   Tanypus punctipennis   Diptera (Midge)
Peltodytes callosus       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Peltodytes simplex       Coleoptera (Crawling Water Beetle)
Peltoperla brevis   Yoraperla brevis   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Peltoperla cora   Sierraperla cora   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Peltoperla mariana   Yoraperla mariana   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Peltoperla nigriscens     not in book on page listed Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Peltoperla quadrispinula   Soliperla quadrispinula   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Peltoperla thyra   Soliperla thyra   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Peltoperla zipha   Viehoperla ada   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Pentacora signoreti       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Pentaneura carnea       Diptera (Midge)
Pentaneura flavifrons   Conchapelopia flavifrons   Diptera (Midge)
Pentaneura monilis       Diptera (Midge)
Pentaneura pilosellus Pentaneura pilosella Labrundinia pilosella   Diptera (Midge)
Pericoma bipunctata       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Pericoma californica       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Pericoma truncata       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Perla obscura   Chernokrilus misnomus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Perla venosa   Chernokrilus erratus   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Perlomyia collaris       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Perlomyia sobrina   Perlomyia collaris   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Perlomyia solitaria   Perlomyia collaris   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Phanocerus clavicornis       Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Phaonia caerulescens       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia caesia   Phaonia parviceps   Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia errans       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia errons proxima Phaonia proxima     Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia fuscicauda       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia limbinervis       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia mirabilis     invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia nigricauda       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia pallida     invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia parviceps       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia quieta       Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Phaonia varipes     invalid combo Diptera (Muscid Fly)
Philorus ancillus   Philorus yosemite   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Philorus aylmeri   Agathon aylmeri   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Philorus cheaini   Agathon aylmeri   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Philorus markii   Agathon markii   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Philorus sequoiarum   Agathon sequoiarum   Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Philorus yosemite       Diptera (Net-Winged Midge)
Philygria debilis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Philygria nigrescens       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Philygria opposita       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Phryganea californica   Yphria californica   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Phycoetes testaceus   Neophycocoetes testaceus   Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Phyllolabis claviger   Phyllolabis clavigera   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Phyllolabis encausta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Phyllolabis flavida       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Phyllolabis hirtiloba       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Phyllolabis meridionalis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Phyllolabis myriosticta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Phyllolabis sequoiensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Physemus minutus       Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Pilimas beameri   Stonemyia californica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Pilimas californica Pilimas beameri Stonemyia californica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Plathemis lydia       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Plathemis subornata       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Pnigodes setosus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Podura aquatica       Collembola (Springtail)
Poecilographa decora       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Polycentropus flavus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Polycentropus halidus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Polycentropus variegatus       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Polymeda alicia   Cheilotrichia alicia   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda bipartita Erioptera bipartita     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda bisulca Erioptera bisulca     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda burra   Gonempeda burra   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda cana   Erioptera cana   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda cinctipennis Erioptera cinctipennis Arctoconopa cinctipennis   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda crickmeri Erioptera crickmeri Gonomyodes crickmeri   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda dulcis   Erioptera dulcis   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda dyari Erioptera dyari     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda laticeps Erioptera laticeps     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda melanderi Hesperoconopa melanderi     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda melanderiana Erioptera melanderiana     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda pilipes anomala Erioptera pilipes     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda rainieria Erioptera rainieria     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda sparsa   Erioptera sparsa   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polymeda tripartita   Erioptera tripartita   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Polynema natans Caraphtactis cinctus     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Polypedilum aviceps       Diptera (Midge)
Polypedilum digitifer       Diptera (Midge)
Polypedilum isocerus       Diptera (Midge)
Polypedilum laetum       Diptera (Midge)
Polypedilum needhami     invalid combo Diptera (Midge)
Polypedilum pedatum excelsius Polypedilum pedatum     Diptera (Midge)
Polypedilum scalaenum       Diptera (Midge)
Polytrichophora conciliata       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Polytrichophora orbitalis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pontomalota bakeri   Pontomalota opaca   Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Pontomalota californica   Pontomalota opaca   Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Pontomalota nigriceps   Pontomalota opaca   Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Pontomalota opaca       Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Prestwichia aquatica Prestwickia aquatica     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Priocnemis flavicornis Anoplius depressipes     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Priocnemoides fulvicornis Anoplius depressipes     Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Prionocyphon discoideus       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Prionocyphon limbatus       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Prionocyphon serricornis       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Probezzia flavonigra       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Procanace nigroviridis       Diptera (Beach Fly)
Procladius bellus       Diptera (Midge)
Procladius culiciformis       Diptera (Midge)
Proclinopyga amplectens       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Proclinopyga monogramma       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Progomphus borealis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Progomphus obscuris Progomphus obscurus     Odonata (Dragonfly)
Proisotoma aquae   Cryptopygus aquae   Collembola (Springtail)
Proisotoma laguna   Archisotoma laguna   Collembola (Springtail)
Prosimulium dicum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Prosimulium exigens       Diptera (Black Fly)
Prosimulium fulvum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Prosimulium hirtipes       Diptera (Black Fly)
Prosimulium novum   Twinnia nova   Diptera (Black Fly)
Prosimulium onychodactylum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Prosimulium travisi       Diptera (Black Fly)
Protanyderus vanduzeei       Diptera (Primative Crane Fly)
Protanyderus vipio       Diptera (Primative Crane Fly)
Protochauliodes aridus       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Protochauliodes infuscatus Neohermes infuscatus Protochauliodes minimus   Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Protochauliodes minimus       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Protochauliodes montivagus       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Protochauliodes simplus       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Protochauliodes spenceri       Megaloptera (Fishfly)
Protoplasa fitchii       Diptera (Primative Crane Fly)
Protoptila coloma       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psephenus calaveras   Psephenus falli   Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Psephenus falli       Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Psephenus haldemani       Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Psephenus lanei   Psephenus falli   Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Psephenus veluticollis   Psephenus falli   Coleoptera (Water Penny Beetle)
Pseudohecamede abdominalis Hecamede abdominalis Allotrichoma abdominale   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pseudohecamede abdominalis Hecamede abdominalis Allotrichoma abdominale   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Pseudoleon superbus       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Pseudolimnophila luteipennis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Pseudonymus brachycercus     Hydrophilid parasite  
Pseudonymus leptocercus     Hydrophilid parasite  
Psilopa compta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Psilopa leucostoma       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Psilopa olga   Psilopa girschneri   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Psilotreta frontalis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psorophora confinnis       Diptera (Mosquito)
Psychoda alternata       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Psychoda cinerea       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Psychoda phalaenoides       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Psychoda severini   Psychoda satchelli   Diptera (Moth Fly)
Psychoda sigma       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Psychoglypha avigo       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psychoglypha bella       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psychoglypha ormiae       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psychomyia flavida       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psychomyia lumina       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Psychomyia nomada       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Ptenothrix maculosa       Collembola (Springtail)
Pteronarcella badia       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Pteronarcella regularis       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Pteronarcys californica       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Pteronarcys princeps       Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Pteronarcys proteus   Pteronarcys comstocki   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Ptilomyia alkalinella       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ptilomyia enigma   Ptilomyia parva   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ptilomyia occidentalis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ptilomyia pleuriseta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ranatra asphalti     invalid combo Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Ranatra bessomi     invalid combo Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Ranatra brevicollis       Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Ranatra fusca       Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Ranatra quadridentata       Heteroptera (Water Scorpion)
Rhabdomastix californiensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Rhabdomastix fasciger   Rhabdomastix fascigera   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Rhabdomastix trichophora       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Rhagovelia distincta       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Rhagovelia obesa       Heteroptera (Broad-shouldered Water Strider)
Rhantus anisonychus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhantus atricolor       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhantus binotatus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhantus consimilis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhantus gutticollis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhantus hoppingi       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhantus tostus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Rhithrogena brunnea   Rhithrogena hageni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Rhithrogena decora       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Rhithrogena doddsi   Rhithrogena hageni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Rhithrogena flavianula       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Rhithrogena morrisoni       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Rhithrogena petulans   Rhithrogena morrisoni   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Rhyacophila acropedes   Rhyacophila brunnea   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila angelita       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila basalis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila betteni       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila bifila       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila chandleri       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila ecosa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila grandis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila harmstoni       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila karila       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila kernada       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila lineata       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila neograndis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila nevadensis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila norcuta       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila oreta       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila pellisa       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila phryganea   Himalopsyche phryganea   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila rayneri       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila rotunda       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila sequoia       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila sonoma   Rhyacophila hyalinata   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila vaccua       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila valuma       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila vedra       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila velora       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila vepulsa   Rhyacophila narvae   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila verrula       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Rhyacophila vocala       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Roederiodes juncta Roederiodes junctus     Diptera (Dance Fly)
Salda buenoi       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Salda littoralis       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula andrei       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula arenicola arenicola     European sp. Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula balli       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula basingeri       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula c-album     European sp. Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula comatula       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula coxalis       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula dispersa       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula explanata       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula fernaldi     invalid combo Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula hirsuta Saldula pilosella hirsuta   European sp. Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula interstitialis Saldula pallipes     Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula luctuosa       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula major   Salda lugubris   Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula nigrita       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula notalis     invalid combo Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula opiparia       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula orbiculata       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula ourayi     invalid combo Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula pallipes       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula pexa       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula saltatoria       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula severini       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula villosa       Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Saldula xanthochila     European sp. Heteroptera (Shore Bug)
Sarcophaga celarata   Fletcherimyia celarata   Diptera (Flesh Fly)
Sarcophaga fletcheri   Fletcherimyia fletcheri   Diptera (Flesh Fly)
Sarcophaga jonesi   Fletcherimyia jonesi   Diptera (Flesh Fly)
Sarcophaga rileyi   Fletcherimyia rileyi   Diptera (Flesh Fly)
Sarcophaga sarraceniae   Sarraceniomyia sarraceniae   Diptera (Flesh Fly)
Sarcophaga utilis   Wohlfahrtiopsis utilis   Diptera (Flesh Fly)
Scatella laxa       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella obsoleta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella paludum       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella stagnalis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella stagnalis var. pentastigma Scatella pentastigma     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella subguttata     European sp. Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella thermarum       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatella troi       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila arenaria       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila bipiliaris       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila conifera       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila despecta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila disjuncta       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila exilis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila hesperia       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila ordinaria       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila pulchra       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila rubribrunnea       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila unicornis       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila variofacialis   Scatophila varifacialis   Diptera (Shore Fly)
Scatophila viridella       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Schoenobius melinellus dispersellus       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Scirtes championi       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Scirtes grandis       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Scirtes orbiculatus       Coleoptera (Marsh Beetle)
Sepedon armipes       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Sepedon bifida       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Sepedon borealis       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Sepedon fuscipennis     invalid combo Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Sepedon pacifica       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Sepedon praemiosa       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Sericomyia borealis Sericomyia silentis   European sp. Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Sericostoma griseolum   Gumaga griseola   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Serromyia barberi       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Serromyia femorata       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Setacera aldrichi       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Setacera atrovirens       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Setacera durani       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Setacera needhami       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Setacera pacifica       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Sialis arvalis       Megaloptera (Alderfly)
Sialis californica       Megaloptera (Alderfly)
Sialis nevadensis       Megaloptera (Alderfly)
Sialis occidens       Megaloptera (Alderfly)
Sialis rotunda       Megaloptera (Alderfly)
Sigara alternata       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Sigara grossolineata       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Sigara mckinstryi       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Sigara nevadensis       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Sigara omani       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Sigara vandykei       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Sigara washingtonensis       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Silvius gigantulus       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Silvius jonesi   Stonemyia californica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Silvius notatus       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Silvius philipi       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Silvius quadrivittatus       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Silvius sayi       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Simulium arcticum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium argus       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium aureum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium bivittatum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium canadense       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium canoniculum Eusimulium canonicolum Simulium canonicola   Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium griseum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium hunteri       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium jacumbae       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium latipes       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium meridionale       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium piperi       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium pugetense       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium trivittatum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium tuberosum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium venator       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium venustum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium virgatum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Simulium vittatum       Diptera (Black Fly)
Sinella hoftii Sinella hoefti     Collembola (Springtail)
Siphlonurus berenice   Siphlonurus typicus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Siphlonurus columbianus       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Siphlonurus occidentalis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Siphlonurus spectabilis       Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Sisyra vicaria       Neuroptera (Spongillaflies)
Sisyridivora cavigena       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Smicridea utico   Smicridea dispar   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Sminthurides aquaticus var. levanderi Sminthurides aquatica levanderi     Collembola (Springtail)
Sminthurides sexpinnatus   Denisiella sexpinnata   Collembola (Springtail)
Sminthurinus aureus       Collembola (Springtail)
Sminthurinus elegans       Collembola (Springtail)
Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus       Collembola (Springtail)
Sminthurinus remotus   Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus   Collembola (Springtail)
Somatochlora semicircularis       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sphaeromias brevicornis   Nilobezzia brevicornis   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Sphaeromias longipennis       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Sphaeromias minor   Nilobezzia minor   Diptera (Biting Midge)
Spilocryptus incertus     erroneously listed parasite of Gyrinidae  
Stenelmis calida   Stenelmis moapa   Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Stenochironomus colei       Diptera (Midge)
Stenochironomus taeniapennis   Stenochironomus hilaris   Diptera (Midge)
Stenocolus scutellaris       Coleoptera (Toed-Winged Beetle)
Stenopelmus rufinasus       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Stilobezzia fuscula       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Stilobezzia pruinosa       Diptera (Biting Midge)
Stonemyia abaureus   Pegasomyia abaureus   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Stonemyia albomacula   Stonemyia velutina   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Stonemyia ruficornis   Pegasomyia ruficornis   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Stonemyia tranquilla fere Stonemyia tranquilla     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Stonemyia velutina       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Stratiomys barbata       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys currani       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys discaloides       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys griseata       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys laticeps       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys maculosa       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys melastoma       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Stratiomys nevadae       Diptera (Soldier Fly)
Suphisellus levis       Coleoptera (Burrowing Water Beetle)
Suphisellus lineatus       Coleoptera (Burrowing Water Beetle)
Sympetrum atripes   Sympetrum costiferum   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum costiferum       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum danae       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum decisum Sympetrum rubicundulum decisum Sympetrum obtrusum   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum internum       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum madidum       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum obtrusum       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum occidentale californicum       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum pallipes       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum rubicundulum   Sympetrum obtrusum   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Sympetrum scoticum   Sympetrum danae   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Synclita occidentalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Tabanus aegrotus       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus captonis   Hybomitra captonis   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus haemophorus Tabanus haemaphorus Hybomitra fulvilateralis   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus insuetus   Atylotus insuetus   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus kesseli       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus laticeps       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus lineola scutellaris Tabanus lineola     Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus melanorphinus Tabanus melanorhinus   invalid combo Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus monoensis       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus opacus   Hybomitra opaca   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus philipi   Hybomitra sonomensis   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus procyon   Hybomitra procyon   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus productus   Tabanus tetropsis   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus punctifer       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus rhombicus   Hybomitra rhombica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus sonomensis phaenops Tabanus phaenops Hybomitra phaenops   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus sonomensis sonomensis Tabanus sonomensis Hybomitra sonomensis   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus stonei       Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus tetricus hirtulus Therioplectes hirtula Hybomitra tetrica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus tetricus tetricus Therioplectes tetricus Hybomitra tetrica   Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tabanus vittiger nippontucki     invalid combo Diptera (Horse or Deer Fly)
Tachopteryx thoreyi       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Tachytrechus angustipennis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Tachytrechus auripennis     not on page shown in index Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Tachytrechus granditarsus Tachytrechus granditarsis     Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Tachytrechus olympiae       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Tachytrechus sanus       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Tachytrechus spinitarsis       Diptera (Longlegged Fly)
Taeniopteryx maura   Taeniopteryx burksi   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Taeniopteryx nivalis   Taeniopteryx burksi   Plecoptera (Stonefly)
Tanypteryx hageni       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Tanysphyrus lemnae       Coleoptera (Water Weevil)
Tanytarsus albescens   Phaenopsectra albescens   Diptera (Midge)
Tanytarsus dyari   Phaenopsectra dyari   Diptera (Midge)
Tanytarsus flavipes Tanytarsus flavicauda Phaenopsectra flavipes   Diptera (Midge)
Tanytarsus nigricans     invalid combo Diptera (Midge)
Tanytarsus profusus     invalid combo Diptera (Midge)
Tanytarsus quagga   Stictochironomus quagga   Diptera (Midge)
Tarnetrum corruptum   Sympetrum corruptum   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Tarnetrum illotum   Sympetrum illotum illotum   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Tasiocera subnuda       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Telebasis incolumis       Odonata (Damselfly)
Telebasis salva       Odonata (Damselfly)
Telmatogeton macswaini       Diptera (Midge)
Telmatoscopus furcatus       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Telmatoscopus niger       Diptera (Moth Fly)
Tendipes anthracinus   Chironomus anthracinus   Diptera (Midge)
Tendipes atrella   Chironomus atrella   Diptera (Midge)
Tendipes californicus   Dicrotendipes californicus   Diptera (Midge)
Tendipes decorus   Chironomus decorus   Diptera (Midge)
Tendipes nervosus   Dicrotendipes nervosus   Diptera (Midge)
Tendipes plumosus   Chironomus plumosus   Diptera (Midge)
Tendipes utahensis   Chironomus utahensis   Diptera (Midge)
Tetanocera ferruginea       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Tetanocera obtusifibula       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Tetanocera plebeja       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Tetanocera vicina       Diptera (Marsh Fly)
Tethymyia aptena       Diptera (Midge)
Tetragoneuria canis   Epitheca canis   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Tetragoneuria spinigera   Epitheca spinigera   Odonata (Dragonfly)
Thalassotrechus barbarae       Coleoptera (Predaceous Ground Beetle)
Thalassotrechus nigripennis       Coleoptera (Predaceous Ground Beetle)
Thaumalea fusca       Diptera (Solitary Midge)
Thermonectus basillaris       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Thermonectus marmoratus       Coleoptera (Predaceous Diving Beetle)
Thinusa maritima       Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Throscinus crotchi       Coleoptera (Minute Marsh-Loving Beetle)
Tinodes belisa Tinodes belisus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Tinodes consueta Tinodes consuetus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Tinodes parvula Tinodes parvulus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Tinodes provo       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Tinodes sigodana Tinodes sigodanus     Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Tiphodytes gerriphagus       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Tipula acuta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula acutipleura       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula aequalis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula aitkeniana       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula aspersa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula atrisumma       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula awanchi Tipula awanichi     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula beatula       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula bernardinensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula bifalcata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula biproducta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula bituberculata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula biunca Tipula biuncus     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula boregoensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula buenoi   Tipula flavocauda   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula cahuilla       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula calaveras       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula californica   Tipula doaneiana   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula capistrano       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula carunculata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula cazieri       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula circularis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula cladacantha       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula cognata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula comstockiana       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula contortrix       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula cylindrata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula degeneri       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula derbyi       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula desertorum       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula diacanthophora       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula doaneiana       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula dorsimacula shasta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula downesi       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula evidens       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula fallax       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula flavocauda       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula flavomarginata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula fragmentata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula fulvolineata Tipula fulvilineata     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula furialis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula gothicana       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula graciae       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula graminivora       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula graphica   Tipula fulvilineata   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula grata   Tipula resurgens   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula hastingsae       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula illustris       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula inusitata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula inyoensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula jacintoensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula lacteipes       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula lamellata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula leechi       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula linsdalei       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula lucida       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula lygropis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula macracantha       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula macrophallus       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula madera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula magnifolia       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula marina       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula mariposa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula mayedai       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula megalabiata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula megalaliata referta Tipula megalabiata referta     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula megalodonta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula megatergata   Tipula sternata   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula mesotergata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula micheneri       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula miwok       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula modoc       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula mohavensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula mono       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula mutica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula newcomeri       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula occidentalis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula opisthocera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula ovalis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula pacifica       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula palmarum       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula pelludica Tipula pellucida     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula perfidiosa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula planicornis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula plutonis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula praecisa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula pubera       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula pyramis   Tipula pellucida   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula quaylei Tipula quaylii     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula repulsa       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula sanctae-luciae Tipula sanctaeluciae     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula sayleriana Tipula sayloriana     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula sequoiarum Tipula seqoiarum     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula sequoicola       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula shastensis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula silvestra       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula simplex       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula spernax       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula spinerecta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula sternata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula subapache       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula subtilis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula supplicata       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula sweetae       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula tenaya       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula timberlakei       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula tingi   Tipula praecisa   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula trichophora       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula tristis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula truculenta       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula trypetophora       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula tuberculata     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula ungulata   Tipula silvestra   Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula vestigipennis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula vitabilis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula vittatipennis       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula williamsii       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula xanthomela     invalid combo Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula yosemite       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tipula zelootype Tipula zelotypa     Diptera (Crane Fly)
Tramea lacerata       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Tramea onusta       Odonata (Dragonfly)
Trepobates becki       Heteroptera (Water Strider)
Triaenodes frontalis       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Trichocorixa calva       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Trichocorixa reticulata       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Trichocorixa uhleri       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Trichocorixa verticalis californica       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Trichocorixa verticalis saltoni       Heteroptera (Water Boatman)
Trichogramma minutum       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Trichopria columbiana       Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasp)
Tricorythodes fallax   Tricorythodes minutus   Ephemeroptera (Mayfly)
Tridactylus apicalis Tridactylus apicialis Neotridactylus apicialis   Orthoptera (Pygmy Mole Cricket)
Tridactylus minutus   Ellipes minutus   Orthoptera (Pygmy Mole Cricket)
Trimerina madizans       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Trimerinoides affinis Trimerinoides adfinis     Diptera (Shore Fly)
Trogophloeus arculatus Thinodromus arculatus   European sp. of rove beetle Coleoptera (Rove Beetle)
Tropisternus californicus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus columbianus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus ellipticus   Tropisternus affinis   Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus lateralis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus obscurus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus salsamentus       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tropisternus sublaevis       Coleoptera (Water Scavenger Beetle)
Tubifera aenea   Eristalis aenea   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Tubifera alhambra Eristalis alhambra Palpada alhambra   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Tubifera arvorum Eristalinus arvorum   Oceanic sp. Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Tubifera hirta Eristalis hirta     Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Tubifera latifrons Eristalis latifrons Eristalis stipator   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Tubifera occidentalis Eristalis occidentalis Eristalis anthophorina   Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Tubifera tenax Eristalis tenax     Diptera (Flower Fly or Rattail Maggot)
Typopsilopa atra       Diptera (Shore Fly)
Ulomorpha nigronitida       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ulomorpha quinquecellula       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Ulomorpha vanduzeei       Diptera (Crane Fly)
Uranotaenia anhydor       Diptera (Mosquito)
Usingeriessa bruunildalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Usingeriessa onyxalis       Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Usingeriessa symphonalis     Costa Rican sp. Lepidoptera (Aquatic Moth)
Usingerina moapensis       Heteroptera (Creeping Water Bug)
Wiedemannia oucdorum       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Wiedemannia simplex       Diptera (Dance Fly)
Wormaldia anilla       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia cruzensis   Wormaldia occidea   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia gabriella       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia hamata       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia occidea       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia pachita       Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia sisko   Sisko sisko   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Wormaldia sisko   Sisko sisko   Trichoptera (Caddisfly)
Xenochironomus xenolabis       Diptera (Midge)
Xenylla baconae   Xenylla humicola   Collembola (Springtail)
Xenylla humicola       Collembola (Springtail)
Xenylla maritima       Collembola (Springtail)
Xenylla welchi       Collembola (Springtail)
Zaitzevia parvula Zaitzevia parvulus     Coleoptera (Riffle Beetle)
Zoniagrion exclamationis       Odonata (Damselfly)
Zonothrix tropisterna     parasitic Nemotode  

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