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Re: Western Leadwing


From: David
Received: Friday, June 03, 2005 8:08 PM

Having trouble locating information about the "western leadwing."  I'm
told it's occasionally the main event on Oregon's upper Williamson. 
Got a link for me?  Thanks.


Leadwing is the common name for genus Isonychia.  Here is a link to Westfly's Page on Isonychia: http://www.westfly.com/ento/mays/isonychia.htm

Here in the west, Great Western Leadwing and Slate Drake are the names most commonly associated with Isonychia campestris, I. sicca, and I. velma.  From my available sources, I am unable to verify that "it's occasionally the main event on Oregon's upper Williamson."

As a matter of fact, Westfly doesn't even list it as one of the hatches for the Williamson, and the only reference I could find in Hafele/Hughes' Western Mayfly Hatches tying Isonychia to the Upper Williamson, was a reference to (the late) Polly Roseboro once having discovered a single Isonychia velma nymph in a stomach sample among many Hexagenia nymphs in a trout taken there.

Hope this helps.  If you have follow-up questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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