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Re: UK Mayfly


From: John
Received: Sun 8/28/2005 1:22 PM

Can you help?
I'm in the uk where I live,I'm trying to find a fly which is so small, all white - I cannot match anything in size to tie-when they start to feed =there is no way I can compete nothing else will they take. Much smaller than size 14-do you have any smaller-sorry can not give a name to this fly have just started fly fishing ,being realistically, an enthusiastic novice.
Isonychia harperi
Do you have a picture of this?


Isonychia harperi has been re-classsified as Isonychia bicolor, but that would not be the mayfly you describe, anyway.  It is much too large, and not white.

What I suspect you are seeing is Caenis (click to view).  They are extremely small and white, and have a common name of Anglerís Curse.  They crawl out of the water to emerge, so the dun (or subimago) stage is not generally available to fish.  If you are able to capture one in either of its winged stages (dun or spinner), check it out with a magnifying glass or loupe.  If it has three tails, thatís likely what it is.


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