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Re: Matching The Hatch

From: Robert
Posted:  Wednesday, December 21, 2005 04:35 AM on www.flyfishingforums.hipwader.com

I'm getting the impression that matching the hatch really isn't that important. it seems that as long as I have some good Adams variations, it should roughly cover just about every mayfly there is. Then a few different elk hair caddis variations as well as some PT and GRHE nymphs and I should be able to cover just about everything. Am I right?


It depends.  When fishing over trout that have never before seen an artificial fly, nor been disturbed by another human predator, precisely "matching the hatch" isn't necessary.

Conversely, when fishing over trout with a PhD in imitation and predation, precisely "matching the hatch" can make the difference between a fishless day and fabulous success.

Realistically, the majority of fly fishing situations will lie somewhere between these two polar extremes.  Further, even given average waters in this regard, sometimes trout will be much more picky than other times.  It mostly depends on whether (or not) they are keying on one particular stage (and even sex) of an aquatic insect to the exclusion of all others.

Does this happen with the Hendrickson hatch?  At times, yes.  For example, at times they may only want an egg-laying female with wings in the partially-spent position.  And then, they may abruptly switch to only wanting a spinner in the fully-spent wing position.

Will you normally catch fish using the "minimalist" approach you suggest?  Sure.  Will this approach result in much frustration when trout choose to be extremely picky?  Most certainly.  Hope this helps.

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