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Re: Italian Mayfly


From: Lorenzo
Response to question on forum: Unione Nazionale Pescatori a Mosca >> Entomology: Monday, November 28, 2005
Paraphrased question:  How would one ID this Italian mayfly using your Adult Mayfly Identification?

The way it works is that one need not enter anything at all to perform a lookup. Of course, that would result in listing all  genera. However, any observation one is able to enter eliminates some genera. Let's look at a version of the 2nd photo, which I have annotated:

From the photo, it is apparent the mayfly has 2 tails, fore wings of uniform color (hyaline), and minute hind wings.  Also, it was described as having a body length excluding tails of 1 cm. (10 mm.)

By entering only the following 5 pieces of information:

    Number of tails = 2
    Body length = 10 mm.
    Fore wings = uniform color
    Hind wings = minute
    Geographic location: Italy (IT)

the genus is narrowed down to Baetis:

If you then click on Baetis (on the query results screen), it takes you to an extremely detailed listing the N. American Baetis species. I believe you will find the mayfly pictured is extremely similar to the N. American species B. bruneicolor. I say this because it is the only species that reaches a length of 10 mm., and because it has very dark abdominal tergites 1, 7-10.


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