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Re: Insect & Imitation


From: Terry
Received: Wed 9/14/2005 12:26 PM

Iím looking for a book or web site that shows the correlation between the actual fly/bug and the simulation of a tied fly/bug? I thought with the knowledge of your web site that you may have some ideal as to where to look. I like your web site by the way and have used it on occasion. I appreciate any and all help.



There are some books that do a good job of showing both the actual insect stages, and good imitative patterns. Given your geographic location (Texas), the one I would recommend for you is Western Mayfly Hatches, co-written by Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes, and published last year. However, as the title indicates, it only covers mayflies.

The website I recommend is www.Westfly.com. Select California (closest state to Texas that Westfly covers), click on Entomology, select insect by either (common or scientific) name.

For example, letís say you are interested in tying flies for fishing the Hex hatch. Under mayflies, select either the common name (Hex) or the scientific name (Hexagenia limbata). There is a discussion of the insect, and you can see a picture of both the immature and winged stages by clicking Quick Tip: The Hex Hatch. You can also see recommended imitative patterns by clicking the flyMatch button.

Hope this helps. If I can be of any further assistance, just let me know.


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