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Re: Black Midge

From: JeremyH
Posted: March 20, 2005 10:29 AM on www.FlyTyingForum.com

Here is a shot of a chironomid that I caught in my fly box, they hatch throught the year at one of my favorite fishing hole here in WA. They are huge midges, and the cutties I fish for love them and will spend all day feeding on their hatches, gave me two nice 16" hook ups yesterday. I have collected their shucks also which are a light olive so I assume that's more the color they are when Larva.


Nice photo. It's a male, as they are the ones with plumose antennae. However, there are so many species of Chironomidae (perhaps 2,000 in N. America, and 20,000 worldwide), that only the handful of professional entomologists who specialize in them are able to identify them to species.

Not trying to get you to divulge any fishing spots here, but could you at least tell me whether you captured the specimen on the wet (or dry) side of the Cascades?


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