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Re: BC Aquatic Insect

From: Warren
Posted: June 22, 2007 10:26 PM on www.flybc.ca

So here is a critter that I pulled out of a fishless lake in the Cariboo. The beast is about 3" long and next to it is a regular size Gammarus (~5/8" long). These things were everywhere in the lake; note the lack of wingcase and small tail. Color is light to medium olive. What is it?


It is the larval lifestage of a Predaceous Diving Beetle, family Dytiscidae, likely of genus Dytiscus. It is extremely similar to Dytiscus verticalus, but that particular species is not present in British Columbia.

However, there are (8) Dytiscus species which are present in British Columbia (D. alaskanus, D. circumcinctus, D. cordieri, D. dauricus, D. fasciventris, D. harrisii, D. hatchi, D. marginicollis), and I believe it to be one of those.


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