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Re: Aquatic Macro-invertebrate Websites

From: Jo Ann
Received: Sat 10/8/2005 1:12 PM

I follow the Fly Fishing threads on the Sportsmen’s Website and on the water strider question I noted your Entomology website. Looks pretty good. Do you know of a similar site for non-insect aquatic macro-invertebrates? I’m trying to get a line on the mites, snails, etc. The Isaac Walton League’s little paperback is pretty good but I was looking for something on the internet. Thanks.

Jo Ann-

Not aware of any websites that specialize in aquatic macroinvertebrates to the exclusion of aquatic insects.  However, some do a good job of covering all aquatic macroinvertebrates.  Those appear on my Recommended Websites page in the Aquatic Macro’s folder.  Other than that, I’d suggest you Google or Google Images on a key phrase, like “aquatic mite”.  Also, I have found that use of quotation marks surrounding the phrase will help cut down on unwanted query results.


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