Flyfishing Entomology


Olive Willy




Hook: Tiemco 5263BL #12
Bead: Translucent red
Thread: Black
Tail: Pheasant rump feather dyed flame yellow
Body: Dark olive chenille
Hackle: Pheasant rump feather dyed flame yellow

Tying steps:

1) Debarb hook
2) Slide bead to eye
3) Attach tying tread and wrap to bend
4) Cut a pinch of the webby hackle at base of feather and tie in as tail
5) Attach chenille and wrap to slightly behind eye, leaving room for hackle
6) Attach hackle by tip, fold barbules back, and take two wraps while
stroking barbules rearward.
7) Tie off, whip finish, and apply head cement (behind bead)

This fly was originated by William Servey.  The tying of it was graciously demonstrated to me by Ron Torda, (proprietor of) All About The Fly, Monroe, WA.     ...  Roger

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